How to revamp your workspace! (Kate Spade Inspired DIY)

Friday, October 3, 2014

I must admit, eversince I started working.. My creativity has taken a back seat. My work is no way related to being artsy fartsy but rather a very serious one consists of admin works, paper related works, phone calls, talking to clients. etc. But as always, I figured a way on how to incorporate my creativity into my work place. So let me share some of my DIY office designs that I did on my space. 
First, you need a puncher and gold stickers.
I got mine at National Bookstore for a very cheapy price of Php45 (?) for 5pcs.

I got inspired with the Kate Spade Gold Agenda.. so I figured a way on how to DIY these golden polka dots. (DIY planner soon!) Srsly guys, gold is my new favorite now!!! 
Let's begin with the DIY's shall we?? 

First off, get the punching started! (way too easy)  
After punching the stickers.. You can now stick them anywhere you'd like!
Here's what I did with mine..
 Sticked them on my tissue box! How pretty!
With my cutter! Hihi

My phone case! So girly right??

My monitor!

But then I felt like I need more polka dots in my space and so I did another DIY! 

 This time you will need a scissor, pencil, something to trace with (I used my workmate's magnet) and ofcourse the gold stickers.
Just trace and cut.. And you're done!

This time I wanted a bit bigger polka dots so I can use them on my....

LOCKER! So cute!!!
How easy and gorgeous are these DIY ideas?? Please message me or tag me if you've tried this style too on your office or at home! I would love to see 

Anways, I hope this helped a lot and expect more DIY ideas soon!!

 Make life beautiful guys!! x

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