Sleek True Color Lipstick in Cherry Shade Review!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hi loves, today I'm gunna share with you my current lipstick favorite which is the Sleek True Color in Cherry Shade! 

I saw this first from Brittney Lee Saunders Luxola Haul Video.. 
See what I mean?? So obsessed with this shade!!

I've also been shopping a lot from Luxola so I was about to buy this lipstick from them but luckily, I saw this at Megatrade Bazaar.. I forgot the name of the shop but it was so much cheaper than buying it from Luxola. I got this for only Php420 I believe? You can get this though from Luxola for Php698 but if you use the coupon code DEALS30 at checkout you'll get 30% off! Plus they have a free shipping so yeah.. I love love love luxola! 
Anyways, this is what the shade looks like. I love red lipsticks, and I know a lot of people actually prefers red-orange kind of shade but I personally like deep red shade of lipstick coz it looks very sophisticated. The packaging as well is very sleek looking hence the name. Love it!

 The lipstick itself though is rather short! For the price you have to pay it really seems kind of small to me but super cute and travel friendly. I can actually easily put this in my wallet for quick touch-ups emergency. Also, I like the fact that it's pointy, so it makes the application so much easier and perfect. 

 But the color.. Oh my gosh! I just died.. Super pigmented!! And buttery, and just so gorgeous. The shade actually reminded me of the Every Bilena lipstick that I got but like 10,000x better!

 The color pay off was phenomenal. It's like a rich red with a hint of dark shade. And though it was super small a little really goes a long way so I think this would last me for ages. 

 I've been wearing this almost everyday since I got this.. And I had a lot of compliments and people asking me what shade of lipstick I was wearing. I can't say anything bad about this lipstick except the fact that it bleeds a lot!

As you can see from the photo above, it does bleed a lot! I think a lip liner is a must if you want a perfect looking application. Also, I realized that it gets everywhere so you have to be mindful at all times. I think this would be perfect for occations that doesn't require a lot of talking and eating like perhaps watching an opera. Where you just have to sit and be quiet. Haha coz really! It's kind of a pain in the arse at times. But all in all, still loving this lipstick so much!

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