Unboxing The BDJ October 2014 Box!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

 Hello lovies, It's that time of the month again!! Woohoo!! Just yesterday, I got my 2nd box of BDJ box (click to view my first box) which was the October BDJ Box and I was actually so surprised that it came with two boxes. The more the merrier!! Lol

 So yeah.. Let's do the unboxing together shall we?
Ofcourse, just the usual box of BDJ.
This month's theme is called "Skin Savers". From the theme itself, I can already tell that it's gunna be a ton of skincare essentials. I honestly haven't seen the inside when I took pictures of this so I was really really excited while unboxing this.
"Show off your heart's beauty." I love love love BDJ stickers like these.

Finally, the box.
Yesss.. Full sized products!!

As always, the lists of the products inside with their prices!

First thing that caught my attention was this super cute YAY! STRIP 3-step journey smooth thingy samples.

I still don't know what to do with them but I really think that this was super cute!

Next ofcourse, was this dove full sized hair fall rescue for Php470. Oh my gosh!! Been wanting to try these for ages.. Coz I have a major hair fall issue. So I was really happy that they've included this in this box! Yay!

A few samples of Yves Rocher Sebo Vegetal Gel cream! Really interesting moisturizer to try.

Small Samples of the L'oreal Revita Lift. Gave this to my mom.

Can we all take a moment to actually stare at this gorgeous palette!! Oh my gahd.. I just died a little inside when I saw these! I love love love this esp bec it's neutral. It's the new Revlon Colorstay 16-hr eyeshadow Quad (Php795). So from this product alone, you can already tell that the subscription fee for this box (Php580) was super worth it! Love this and I can't wait to pop these into my eyeballs.

And lastly from this box, was the biggest of them all..
It's the My Choice Spa Salt and Lotion in Coconut!! Love this!! And I was actually in desperate need of exfoliation so I was so happy that I got these. The smell was very phenomenal.. I love coconuts!

And now let's move to the other extra surprise box.
Even without opening this box I can already smell what's inside.

And oh my God! Just another Coconut scented products! Yay!!! These two smells really really divine.. Like I am not even kidding. I love the smell of this one. The coconut water gel wash (Php200) was so so big (that's what she said.lol) super gigantic and I was really glad that they've included the soap (Php140) as well so when I ran out of the body wash, I can use the soap or vice versa. 

So that was everything that I got and I hope you really enjoyed this unboxing post.. Will surely make more unboxing posts soon so stay tuned for more! :) 

I love this month's BDJ box but I wish they could include more make-up products.. But nonetheless, still loving the stuff. I think it was worth the money. I mean for the price of Php580/month and getting tons of products from it.. you can't really go wrong with that.

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