Unboxing Post: November 2014 BDJ Box featuring Benefit Cosmetics!

Monday, November 24, 2014

It's that time of the month again! Another amazing unboxing post from BDJ box. I honestly didn't expect this box to be this awesome but I feel like Christmas went earlier than expected..lol So here it is.

This month's theme is called Sweet Shoppe! 

From the theme itself you'll already have an idea that it's gunna be something super girly and fab!!

And because it's fab, it's gotta be Benefit Cosmetics!! Oh yeah! :)
As always, this month's stickers. Love it!

Here's an overview of the box as you open it.

My 2015 Kate Spade 17-month Gold Agenda in Medium (Planner Overview)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hello loves! I'm so sorry for the lack of posts as I have been so pre-occupied with lotsa things lately including work. But anyways, many of you have been asking me about my planner since were already heading on to the last chapters of the year and it's crazy how 2015 is just around the corner! Whew! I know you guys are actually looking for the perfect planner.. so here's an overview of my Kate Spade planner as promised.

So my planner is called the Kate Spade Gold Agenda 17month Planner.. Started in August2014-Dec2015! I got the medium size one for Php1,650! If you want a large one they have it in Greenbelt. I know it's ridiculously pricey for a planner but please take note that Kate Spade is actually a high-end brand so that's pretty reasonable. I got this straight from Kate Spade Shangri-la Mall Branch.

An overview of the back.
I like how it has a Kate Spade logo at the back.

Wet n' Wild Mega Last Lipstick Swatches

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hello loves, today I'm gunna share with you all of my Wet n' Wild Lipstick swatches. Some of these lippies are one my faves because of its absolutely gorgeous shades and pigmentation. I personally love matte lipsticks because they stay on the lips much longer and I think they just look very sophisticated.

Here are the shades I have in my collection: Just Peachy, Think Pink, Sandstorm, Mauve outta here, Cherry Picking.

Swatches on my hand.. These are highly pigmented. I only swatched these once and look how bright they were! Absolutely beautiful color payoff..

The Pinks

I love love these three especially the think pink.. I just love the hint of baby pink to it, kinda like the barbie pink shade but not too heavy like Nicky Minaj. lol

The Just Peachy, I love wearing this on days where I just want a tinnie tiny bit of color on my lips. This would be perfect for an everyday wear lipstick.

Mauve outta here has got to be the only purple tone of lipstick that I have. I love that it's kind of purple-y but still very pink. Love this!!

Sand storm, I honestly just bought it coz I thought this would somehow look like the Mac Velvet Teddy but I guess this one was too dark. I rarely use this one as I'm into pink lipsticks.

Cherry Picking, I do get a lot of compliments whenever I wear this lipstick. This definitely has got to be one of my fave red lipstick. It's red but has a pink undertone to it. It's not like it's gunna wash me off or something.. This is still very wearable. What I love to do though is that I would put this lipstick first then top it off with my Sleek Cherry lipstick.

Me wearing the cherry picking with a bit of Sleek Cherry lipstick. I love how it turned out.

Unboxing The BDJ October 2014 Box!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

 Hello lovies, It's that time of the month again!! Woohoo!! Just yesterday, I got my 2nd box of BDJ box (click to view my first box) which was the October BDJ Box and I was actually so surprised that it came with two boxes. The more the merrier!! Lol

 So yeah.. Let's do the unboxing together shall we?
Ofcourse, just the usual box of BDJ.
This month's theme is called "Skin Savers". From the theme itself, I can already tell that it's gunna be a ton of skincare essentials. I honestly haven't seen the inside when I took pictures of this so I was really really excited while unboxing this.
"Show off your heart's beauty." I love love love BDJ stickers like these.
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