Unboxing Post: November 2014 BDJ Box featuring Benefit Cosmetics!

Monday, November 24, 2014

It's that time of the month again! Another amazing unboxing post from BDJ box. I honestly didn't expect this box to be this awesome but I feel like Christmas went earlier than expected..lol So here it is.

This month's theme is called Sweet Shoppe! 

From the theme itself you'll already have an idea that it's gunna be something super girly and fab!!

And because it's fab, it's gotta be Benefit Cosmetics!! Oh yeah! :)
As always, this month's stickers. Love it!

Here's an overview of the box as you open it.

Here are the things inside with its prices.

First things first, this voucher with a free makeupper & brow consultation. 

Then ofcourse, the products!!! Omg!!
I was so excited to get these two as I've been dying to try these!!
Really really good sample size as well.

Then the BIG EASY bb cream! Love this one so much.. 

But the thing I was most excited about---"They're Real" products!! Omg!
I got their famous mascara and the eye make-up remover!
Pretty decent sample size I swear!!

I also got their new eyeliner..
I was also excited with this one but a bit disappointed as well.. I had a hard time trying this one as it was super small. :(

And lastly.. They've also included skincare products! Looooooove!!
 I got a small jar of their eyecrem and the moisturizer! Heard a lot of good things about these so I was pretty excited.
Two small samples of the eyecream again and their serum! 

So all in all, I was pretty happy with this month's box. I was actually kind of planning to stop my subscription because every month I feel like I get the same stuff. Hence, didn't subscribe anymore for December! But since I was very happy with this box I continued my subscription and already bought my jan-feb box for 2015 already. Yay! ;)
My finish look using everything in this box! Hope you guys like it and wait for more unboxing post soon. :)

What's your favorite Benefit Cosmetics? x

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  1. December is approaching and I hope you can share what’s inside your BDJ box again. :)
    ~Pauline @ ProActiv Philippines


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