Wet n' Wild Mega Last Lipstick Swatches

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hello loves, today I'm gunna share with you all of my Wet n' Wild Lipstick swatches. Some of these lippies are one my faves because of its absolutely gorgeous shades and pigmentation. I personally love matte lipsticks because they stay on the lips much longer and I think they just look very sophisticated.

Here are the shades I have in my collection: Just Peachy, Think Pink, Sandstorm, Mauve outta here, Cherry Picking.

Swatches on my hand.. These are highly pigmented. I only swatched these once and look how bright they were! Absolutely beautiful color payoff..

The Pinks

I love love these three especially the think pink.. I just love the hint of baby pink to it, kinda like the barbie pink shade but not too heavy like Nicky Minaj. lol

The Just Peachy, I love wearing this on days where I just want a tinnie tiny bit of color on my lips. This would be perfect for an everyday wear lipstick.

Mauve outta here has got to be the only purple tone of lipstick that I have. I love that it's kind of purple-y but still very pink. Love this!!

Sand storm, I honestly just bought it coz I thought this would somehow look like the Mac Velvet Teddy but I guess this one was too dark. I rarely use this one as I'm into pink lipsticks.

Cherry Picking, I do get a lot of compliments whenever I wear this lipstick. This definitely has got to be one of my fave red lipstick. It's red but has a pink undertone to it. It's not like it's gunna wash me off or something.. This is still very wearable. What I love to do though is that I would put this lipstick first then top it off with my Sleek Cherry lipstick.

Me wearing the cherry picking with a bit of Sleek Cherry lipstick. I love how it turned out.
All in all, I really really love this line from Wet n' Wild.. I heard most of these lippies were actually a dupe for Mac lipsticks. Esp the bare it all (dupe to Velvet Teddy) I'm looking forward to buy more shades from this line. However, the only con that I can think of would have to be the packaging!
The lipstick doesn't go all the way down so whenever I close the lid, it gets really really messy!! no matter how I carefully close the lid I just always always touch the lipstick so it gets super annoying.. It's not something that you can just bring to a club or party and use it on the go (whilst your probably drunk?) and just throw it in your bag! Because honestly, you're gunna ruin the lipstick because of its fail packaging. But nonetheless, I would still recommend this lipstick. I just hope they had a better packaging. Such a shame!


  1. Girl that picture of you with cherry picking on... <3 ganda mo pls!

  2. The lippies complemented your fair white skin, beautiful!
    ~Pauline @ ProActiv Philippines

  3. nice colors



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