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Monday, December 29, 2014

Hello loves, I just want to share with you something that is really close to my heart. I rarely post something like this but this one from Coca-cola really caught my attention. This campaign from Coca-cola focuses on empowering female sari-sari store owners and highlight their role as the pillars of the Coca-cola business.

By watching the video below, it made me miss my “Ate Josie”. Back when I was still in Elementary, I remember every after school I would run to this sari-sari store beside our school to have my merienda (cupcake and Coke) and I would always ask Ate Josie if she has new products in store because other than snacks, she also sells stationery and school stuff. 

 I remember whilst waiting for my service to come, we would talk about many things whether it’s about school, crushes, or just random life lessons and stories. She was kind of close also with every other kid and thus she had become like our second mom back then.

I think that this video campaign from Coke speaks to us in a way where we could appreciate these women (micro-entrepreneurs) behind it. That in these small businesses, be it a computer shop, salon, sari-sari store, etc.. we may find something more important.. and that is a friend, a sister, a mentor, or a second mom.

I hope that somehow, this made us feel very nostalgic like I did, and appreciate more our “Ates and Manangs” during those special moments in our lives. We may not always remember their importance but now is the time to actually give back and take time to appreciate these courageous women and help them find success by supporting this campaign. Coke aims to reach 5 million micro-entrepreneurs by 2020. They help improve their lives and small businesses by giving them an access to business skills training courses, and financial services. I really really appreciate that Coke actually gives importance to these women and believe in what they can do/offer more.

Help me spread this campaign by sharing this post (or atleast raise awareness) and the video above on your social media sites, and you may also check their site for more info here: Coca-cola Campaign

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