The Faceshop Special Zone Care Mask (Review)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

This has been on my list to blog about for like forever but I always forget to make a blogpost about this.. So today I'm gunna review this Special Zone Care Mask for Smile lines from The Faceshop! 

 If I'm not mistaken, I think I got this for Php125 buy 1 take 1 deal that they had. I've always always wanted something that can treat my smile lines.. I get really self-conscious whenever I see my smile lines esp when my foundation settles on those lines. I just felt very very annoyed by the fact that I am probably getting really really old. lol 

 As you open it, the masks are completely sealed inside which I think is good. 
Plus it has protective papers inside soaked with essence. 

 The texture was a gel type mask.
 Just the norm looking gel mask with lines.
 It was actually pretty good that this comes as a gel type mask because you can actually wear this whilst standing-up without worrying about the mask falling from your face. I like gel masks because they just stick to your face hence, making it more effective because you know the serums are really penetrating the skin rather than buying paper masks. 

 My face after 30mins or so..

 This literally works like magic! It definitely didn't completely erase my smile lines but I can definitely see the difference afterwards. I knew the mask was working because I felt a tingling sensation while it was still on my face.. But nothing like cray cray. All in all, it was worth the buy! Definitely something I would recommend. 

 Now I am on a hunt of a good face mask for my smile lines.. I saw one recently from the Etude House and I wanted to buy it and compare the two.. I don't know! Will see.

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