Yadah Anti Trouble Bubble Cleanser Review

Sunday, December 7, 2014

 Hello loves! here's another review for you.. I know I haven't been doing any updated skincare routine in awhile but that's because I haven't found any specific regimen that I know I can use as a set.. Been trying different things lately but I swear it will be up soon! I'll have my updated skincare routine post probably before Christmas or early next year. I don't know I'll keep you guys updated. Anyways, today I will be talking about my current facial cleanser.. 

it's the Yadah Anti Trouble Bubble Cleanser Php575 at The Beauty Bar

I've been eyeing this one for ages ever since college, but I haven't really thought of buying this until recently. I really really wanted to get a cleanse that can combat the acne as well.. So I saw this and I was like "okay it's time to try this baby".

I love buying Yadah products as they claim to be super herbal and natural/organic with their sets of ingredients. I love that they don't put paraben, mineral oil, and artificial colorant.

When buying anti acne products I also opt for three things.. One, it should have Salicylic acid to it, and Two, Glycolic acid, and Three Benzoyl Paroxide. But here their main key ingredient to combat breakouts was the Salicylic acid.

 This would be my very first time trying a foaming cleanser although I do manual foaming before but ever since I watched and read Caroline Hirons talking about foaming cleansers I just stopped. 
The expiration date was also pretty good. But the shelf life after opening should only be not more than 12months as seen on the photo which I think was also pretty reasonable as they use natural ingredients for their products.

The packaging is also pretty good, it dispenses product easily but have to shake well first like other foaming cleansers do.

The foam itself was very dense and soft and bouncy.. 

What I think about this product? If I were to rate it, I would probably give an 8 out of 10. 

I like the smell because it has a very lemony scent that energizes me in the morning.. The thing though with this one is that I have to like pump it 3 times to get a good amount of soap because most of the time I feel like I was just getting plain bubbles and I can't feel any cleanser touching my face. Plus it leaves like a film on my face annoyingly, making it hard for me to cleanse my face thoroughly. But to be fair, this cleanser definitely doesn't break me out and I feel like this actually helps keep my skin at bay that's why I'm still using it. I feel like this was a pretty good cleanser but definitely not something I would want to buy over and over again like the Avene. It was okay for me and I would still recommend this especially to those girls with sensitive and younger skin. But with girls my age, I would probably opt for something a bit stronger.

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