Saturday, January 31, 2015

 Hello loves.. it's the monthly favorites time!! yay! First of all, Oh my gerd!! Where did January go??I can't believe it's already february.. next thing I know I'd be turning 25 this April. Yikes! 

Anyways, I've been really bad with blogging my monthly faves last year and this year I'm gunna commit myself into really doing it. And though I kinda don't have a lot to share and most of these are just beauty related things I just thought I'd still share them with you guys.. So let's get started..


 First one of my favorites is this ETUDE PLAY 101 PENCIL in #22 (Php348).. Oh my gosh you guys.. I've been wearing this a ton on my lips.. the color pay off was amazing. I just dab this on my lips and it looks pretty much I've got a lip tint on.. it's amazing!
 Check out my review about this on here..

Then ofcourse, my SLEEK face form palette in fair (Php722.50) I love this so much and I've been wearing them eversince aI got them. I heard this was like a dupe for the Benefit Hoola Bronzer, maryloumanizer highlighter, and the Nars Orgasm blush. I haven't tried all of these yet so I can't compare.. all I know is that I love this Sleek palette a lot!

Next, this Baby Skin Pore Eraser from maybelline (Php299). I got this last December from a friend during our Christmas Party and eversince then I keep wearing this everyday.. I love how this creates like a very smooth texture on my skin and keeps my face matte all day. love this!

and ofcourse, KLARITY LASERTOX CC which I just did a blog post on..


Next would be this lashes that I recently got from Luxola.. it's called Lavie Lash in Fleur (Php197).. and it's amazing! Though this definitely not your everyday type of lashes. I still love that it's wispy and looks very natural. I'm planning to get other Lavie Lashes soon.

Then ofcourse, my Sigma smudge E21 brush which again I got from Luxola for free.. I love how this picks up an eyeshadow so amazingly.. I've been using this for my water line and on the corners of my eyes.

and though I don't find myself super oily these days.. I still have this on hand at all times. It's the 3CE Blotting Papers (Php164). I love this! I've been using the FOREVER21 blotting paper for like forever because I felt like it was the best ever but then not anymore until I found this!
I love that the paper itself is kinda thick so I don't feel like I gotta use another one for my oils to be completely gone.. but at the same time this doesn't feel like rubbery like the Clean and Clear one which I hate. I love this and also the color.. this is amazeballs!
and then the last one from my beauty related faves.. This NIVEA Gentle Facial Cleansing wipes (Php140) I honestly never thought I'm gunna love this but I really did.. This is literally like my 3rd purchased of this. At first I was like oh mygosh this is too dry yada yada.. But the more I was using this, the more I kinda felt how good this was. I also tried the one that they have which is the exfoliating one but I didn't like it so I just bought this one again.. I love how this one smells and feels very gentle enough, plus it doesn't burn my eyes even if I use this for my eye makeup.. this just literally takes off my makeup like it's nothing. I highly recommend this one. Plus it's really cheap!

VITRESS Instant Relax for my hair. Love this baby! I was so skeptical about it at first but this really make my hair super soft and easier to straighten out. Definitely worth trying!


Rubi wrislet pouch.. I honestly don't even need my wallet eversince I got this one. I asked my friend to get this for me when she visited Singapore and I was thankful that I did. I love that I can fit my phone in here and take it with me anywhere without it being too heavy or bulky like my wallet. plus the color is amazing.. I'm planning to buy like a keychain for it to make it look a lot cuter.
 then ofcourse, this cute STICKY NOTES that I'm obsessed with.. I've been using these a lot on my planner for the whole month of January.


SPOTIFY I never really enjoyed spotify before and I honestly deleted the app once but I recently downloaded it again and I really love that it. I've been listening to spotify on my way to office and when I'm about to sleep. These are just the albums I've been listening (see photo above).. 

AFTERLIGHT I use this app in every single one of my photos recently. This is not a free app but definitely worth paying for. I love the effects and it's really inexpensive!

So these are all the products I've been loving for the month of January.. I know this might seem not a lot but these are the products I've been stuffing my face with recently.. If you know what I mean.

So yeah I hope you guys find these interesting and hopefully inspired you to pickup some of these items. Please let me know what products you've been loving recently! x


  1. I used to use blotting papers & loved them but forgot about them! Maybe I should start using them again as they're really useful :)

  2. I really love the sleek face form! I tried the kleenex blotting paper and loved it so I'd love to try them, favourites are one of my favourite posts, always discover new products!

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