My Kikki.k HAULiday (Stationery Haul)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hi loves!! I have an exciting blog post today.. I just got my Kikki.k orders that I placed last December 24, 2014 on their website. Yazz kind of annoying how I waited this long but definitely worth the wait!! 

I named this as the "Kikki.k Hauliday" because these are the things that I picked up online during the holiday season.. I'll have another post from Luxola soon.
Anyways.. So my orders came in this huge box from Kikki.k and I was so surprised because I know I didn't really order a lot of things from them.. so yeah. As I opened it I was so amazed by how well they actually packed everything. These by the way came all the way from Australia and I had to pick this up at the nearest Post Office and paid Php100.

so here are my orders with their little note.

Here are my new babies.. ahhh so gorgeous!

ofcourse, the first thing that I got was this little adhesive note set from the "Live Bright Collection",
actually all of the stuff that I bought were from that collection. This one retails for $19.95 but I got this on sale for I believe like $14. I always see this online and I have become so obsessed with it that I had to pick it up! This actually was the reason why I bought all of these. haha
 The next one would be this cute washi tapes! These are their newest edition from that collection and I got this for $7.95 really inexpensive!!
they come in these cute little patterns and gold print on it which says sparkle & shine, and live bright.

The cool thing about this packaging is that you can use it as a tape dispenser, which I tried but I kinda had a hard time using it. But nonetheless, I think these are handy.

Live Bright Stickers for $3.95 but it was on sale so I got this for only $2.77! such a steal.. you guys know I love anything gold and I think this would go perfectly on my planner.

and last and definitely not the least.. this cute everyday gel pen in chevron for only $3.95 as well. I love how this has a gold chevron print and lilac colored. 
This would be my official planner pen as this one write so well.
I was so amazed how smoothly this goes on when I tried it. love it so much!

I was so excited that I immediately started to decorat my planner.
February month will be super girly as I know valentines day is coming and I just looove february personally because it's our anniversary month. King and I will turn 3 years this Feb 4, so I was kind of excited to decorate this with lotsa heart and stuff like that.

 So because I had to wait this long, Kikki.k was actually so thoughtful that they gave me a $10 off on my next purchase eventhough it wasn't actually their fault, but the post office here in the Philippines (which sucks). I actually bombarded them with emails because I was so pissed I couldn't find my tracking on the PhilPost website.. anyhoo long story short. I finally have them and I will be ordering again soon so stay tuned for another Kikki.k blog post.

Have you tried ordering on Kikki.k? Let me know..

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