Wish me a rose Essence Lip Liner Review

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hello beauties, I am back yet again for another Essence Lip Liner Review! I love my essence lip liner in Satin mauve so much that I decided to pick another color.. this time it's called Wish me a rose. I was actually wrong about the price, I thought it was 100 something, but actually it was only Php99!!! How affordable is that??
Anyways, so wish me a rose is a very baby pink color.. which I'm not so into these days coz I love me some in ya face type of deep red lipstick. But I don't have many lip liners so I gave this one a go.
I love it!! I love that it was highly pigmented as always.. still very creamy hence, it breaks easily.. so I made sure to apply it on my lips with ;a very light hand.
LEFT: Bare Lips                                                       RIGHT: with one coat of the lip liner

 I love this shade so much!! I'm so glad I picked it up.. this is like my go to pink lipstick and I've been wearing this in the office eversince I got it. It's not too baby pink and it's not too pale either. I think this would go perfectly for like a dinner date or something. Been rocking this lippie with my Bombshell makeup look.

What do you think? x 

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  1. The colour of this liner is amazing...and looks lovely on you...nice review...:)


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