DUPE ALERT: Divine Wine Maybelline Lipstick Dupe?

Saturday, February 28, 2015

 Hi loves! So today I can finally share with you the latest dupe I found! I love dupe videos and blogs especially when it comes to makeup. I kinda like wanna see how I can get the same exact result without splurging too much.. So yeah.. I know a lot of you are like looking for this DIVINE WINE maybelline matte lipstick which I blogged about. I heard so much raved about this! But it's kinda hard to get a hold of this even in the US because this lipstick is always sold out! Whilst, here in the Philippines, unfortunately we don't have the line here yet or never will be.. so I figured I would share with you the dupe I found for this. The best thing?? It's very cheap and always available!

Monthly Favorites: February 2015!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

It's that time of the Month again! Another month, another set of favorites.. although I wouldn't be talking too much favorites lately as I kinda didn't use a lot of products and I didn't really want to talk about things that I didn't really like. So yeah, let start..

DIY: Nail Polish Rack

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hi loves! I just wanted to share with you this little project that I did yesterday.. I was so annoyed by the fact that I just couldn't change my nail color from time to time because my nail polishes are hidden or kept in a storage. So yeah.. I kinda wanted to have a simple rack where I could see some of my fave nail polishes (how many times can I say nail polishes??lol) so I would be so inclined or inspired to do my nails. 

So anyways, let's get started!
So what you gunna need are: Foam board, Glue gun, Cutter/Scissor, Double sided tape, and a wrapping paper of your choice.

My Pamper Routine (Updated)

 Hey it's Sunday and I kinda wanted to talk about relaxing.. I haven't posted anything Pamper Related lately so I thought I should share my recent pamper routine with you guys! This was actually last Sunday and I just kinda wanted to share with you what I did to ease my mind from stress.

Recently, I've been narrowing down my toiletries, just the main few pieces that I actually really need. Like in this case I just have a candle from Bath and body works (market peach) this smells heavenly! my current facial wash the Tea Tree from The Body Shop, and the newest Pantene Conditioner which I did a blog post about here.

Bifesta Age Care Cleansing Lotion (Review)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hi loves, I just quickly wanted to share with you guys how I remove my makeup after a long day! I used to take off my makeup using a cream or wipes, so this would be my very first time trying something that is actually in a liquid form/lotion type.

I recently got this from my recent BDJ Jan-Feb box, it's the Bifesta Age Care cleansing lotion (Php419). I have seen this everywhere I go, and I have always always wanted to try this! So luckily, I got the one in pink.. thanks to BDJ! This cleansing lotion is a water-based one, plus it has coenzyme Q10 (moisturizer) which nourishes the skin, and prevent the skin from premature aging.
PACKAGING: The packaging is very simple and I like that it came in a pink bottle to be honest! Also, I like that it has a pump so it's very hygienic. Although sometimes I find it kinda hard to pump without getting it squirt everywhere. Another thing, It's all in Japanese. I can't understand a word!

CONSISTENCY/FORMULA: The consistency is very liquidy (hence, waterbased) as you can see from the photo above. It has a very milky texture, kinda like an emulsion but a bit thinner. It's nothing like greasy or oily. I like the formulation of this product.

Hi face!! this is the reality people.. my face after a long day at work! I can't wait to take off all the gunk. yikes! I feel like a grease ball already. haha Btw, if you're wondering I was wearing the Divine Wine lipstick in this photo. 

Lavie Luxury Faux Lashes in Fleur (Review)

Oh lashes, we all need lashes.. well atleast for me. If you have been following me then you'd know that I am obsessed with lashes. I used to actually have it done from time to time but I always get annoyed with extensions and I find it super expensive so I just settle with faux lashes a lot of the times. I love me some Red Cherry lashes which I have a few of them.. but I recently discovered this Lavie lashes, thanks to Luxola!

"The most luscious lashes you'll ever own!"
I got the one in Fleur, just to try! Php196 only. Really inexpensive!
I super love the packaging! I do appreciate that they actually listed the instructions at the back of the box for those who haven't tried putting faux lashes yet.


Hi loves! as always my weekly #instaweek installment is always late!  but anyways, here's some highlight of my week so far!

New sunnies | Boyfie's gift | Luxola's Valentines day exclusive gift


Pamper time | New maybelline matte lippies | 3CE Fresh Aqua mist

So my friend Grace and I bought new pairs of sunnies because.. duh? summer is almost here and actually it was just an impulse buy. haha Ofcourse, my Mac makeup as my boyfie's gift. Actually he just gave me a few cash and told me to buy everything I want. I was so surprised! I saved some for my bank. haha Then I got Luxola's exclusive gift sent for valentines day! which I did a blog post about here. My most needed pamper time than I'm planning to blog about because I haven't done 1 in awhile.. so yeah. Then ofcourse, the new MAYBELLINE COLOR SENSATIONAL CREAMY MATTE LIPSTICKS (REVIEW AND SWATCHES) truly just the highlight of my week! and lastly, after so many attempts, I finally get my hands into the 3CE Fresh Aqua mist from Luxola.

That's about it guys, I hope that we all had a wonderful week! Looking forward for this coming week and the next one.. hihi

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipsticks (Review and Swatches)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hello beautiful people! I have an amazing blog post to share with you guys! YES! I have finally get my hands on the newest Maybelline matte lipstick! It sucks because we don't have this line here (like always) but good thing we can always buy online right? So yeah.. been looking for this lipstick everywhere and finally I have atleast two of their best sellers!!

I got the DIVINE WINE and TOUCH OF SPICE which are apparently their 2 best-sellers. The online shop that I bought these with was actually having a hard time getting the Divine wine color because this was always sold out! So luckily, upon researching a lot, I told them to go to walgreens and they got the last one in stock! yay! scored! haha I was really happy!!

LEFT: Touch of Spice        RIGHT: Divine Wine

PRICE: Php 375/each online. Really inexpensive! I think in the US it's $6 or more.

CONSISTENCY/FORMULA: As you can see from the photo, the Touch of Spice is a little bit creamier, whilst, the Divine Wine has some serious matte going on.. If you know what I mean. But both of them are truly creamy hence the name and not drying on my lips! The goes on very smoothly on my lips. Love the formulation so much.

SWATCHED: Divine Wine (left) and Touch of Spice (right)
SCENT: The scent of these lippies are incredibly good! I love that it has a vanilla-y kind of scent to it which makes it more enjoying to wear. Nothing like too strong though but I love it.

L'oreal Mat Magique All-In-One Transforming Powder Review

Sunday, February 15, 2015

As some of you may know, I recently bought two new products from L'oreal. I got the Lucent foundation for 50% off and the Mat Magique for the introductory price of Php499! I was hitting pan on my Rimmel powder so I decided to get this because it claims to mattify your skin for 12hrs. And though I don't have an oily skin, I still get kinda oily specially on my T-zone area because I have a combination skin. So matte powders are really a must for me.
The star ingredient of this product is the Volcanic Perlite, a natural non-irritating sebum absorber.
SPF 34 PA+++ which is great because summer is coming! we all need protection. Not just for the summer but ofcourse you know what I mean.
PACKAGING: Packaging wise, I really like it because it's super girly. haha It comes with a sponge which makes it super handy for retouch.

My shade: R1 Rose Ivory, as always I get the palest color. This shade fits perfectly on my skin tho.
Scent: This one smells like just the norm powder. Nothing special really.

 My thoughts: When I tried it at first, I didn't use anything else, not even a primer because I really really wanted to test it out. The first thing I noticed was the coverage. I was really blown away with how much this little powder can cover. It made my skin super flawless and poreless looking. Although I have to say it didn't cover this one dark spot on my face that I got from my recent breakout so I had to use a concealer, same goes with my dark under eyes. But ofcourse, you can always build it up. This is a two way cake by the way but I haven't tried this with a wet sponge yet, I think the coverage would be even better when used with a wet sponge.

The longevity: It lasts pretty long on my face before I needed to retouch. I think I was shine free for atleast 6hrs then after that I noticed some oiliness on my tzone area so I blotted it. And though 6hrs was pretty darn long, I don't think this can really make your face shine free for 12hrs straight. I have a combination skin, what more with those with oily skin. Though I have to say, it doesn't look cakey at all. But I would prefer using a brush than a sponge because sometimes when you use sponge you can really blend the product evenly. If you know what I mean.

So all in all, I really like this product, this made my makeup routine so much easier because of  it's great coverage, I can always skip using a foundation and just use this as it is. Love this! x

I finally tried using this with a wet sponge, and I really really love it!! so much better coverage and really long lasting! wow I am really impressedBut ofcourse, a really good primer could help as well.  I was using the Hourglass primer, and it was like glued on my face. :)

Haul: Luxola's Exclusive Valentines Day gift set (Mirenesse Products)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

 Hello beautiful people!! Happy valentines day!! oh wow, I can't believe it's the hearts day already.. I hope y'all are having a fantastic day at the moment! Unfortunately, my Valentine (the boyfran) hasn't arrived yet. lol But luckily, Luxola made my day today! 

I finally got the Luxola's Exclusive Valentines Day gift set! (Valued for SGD$75) yay! All of these are from Mirenesse.. I honestly never heard and tried this brand before so I am super excited to try these. I love love shopping at Luxola especially during special occasions like this because they always either have a really good sale, or really good freebies!

So anyways, this whole set came in this little wrapper with a "thank you" sticker. That's cute!
It has a little pamphlet thing where they listed all of the products in this set.

So, the first thing I got really excited about was this one.
I love Lip crayons.
 It came in this little gorgeous packaging.

#instaWeekbyTrina (Week 3 and 4)

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hello guys, I know it has been a little bit late for my Instaweek 3 installment becasue I honestly don'\t think I did a lot of things during the week 3.. but I just thought I'd still share them with you together with my week 4.

Started drinking this again and I love it! | The newest L'oreal magique | January faves!

RLC strat plan this Saturday!

I honestly think that my weeks are pretty normal and usual.. I haven't much anything planned yet. I was just basically at home or at the mall or at the office. But nonetheless, I'm kinda happy and hoping for more exciting weeks to come! Perhaps when boyfie is here already.. yay! few more days. :)

The New Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Review!

 Hello guys!! So if you have been following me on my instagram then you'd probably know that BDJ actually sent me this newest PANTENE beauty crush! I was so ecstatic to try this because my hair is totes goals right now (sarcastic). I've been having a pretty dull hair eversince I have it dyed for my friend's salon. So a miracle worker for my hair would be pretty much welcome.
 Good thing, I am one of the first people to try this baby! 

Unboxing Post: BDJ Box Jan-Feb 2015!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Hello my lovies.. I super missed doing an unboxing post.. I was so pissed that I didn't get a chance to get my hands on the December box so I had to wait for atleast 2 months to get another box which was this box right here.. the BDJ Box for the month of Jan and Feb!

JUST A WARNING: Flooded with pictures!

 The theme for this month is KAWAII must haves.. Kawaii means cute or beautiful in nihonggo. I am so obsessed with this BOX!! I mean look at the packaging.. super kawaii ne?? :p

I was so excited to open this box.. so let's take a peek shall we??

here are all the products inside!!! like ohmygersh you guys.. I did not expect to get all of these in full sizes! BDJ is truly the best at getting your money's worth, and even more! omg..

They have also included this little pamphlet thing or a brochure filled with beauty itsy bitsy..

and ofcourse, the usual.. this little paper thing where they listed all the products included in the box, together with their actual prices so you can have a better view of your money's worth and a little instruction and background about the products inside.
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