Bifesta Age Care Cleansing Lotion (Review)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hi loves, I just quickly wanted to share with you guys how I remove my makeup after a long day! I used to take off my makeup using a cream or wipes, so this would be my very first time trying something that is actually in a liquid form/lotion type.

I recently got this from my recent BDJ Jan-Feb box, it's the Bifesta Age Care cleansing lotion (Php419). I have seen this everywhere I go, and I have always always wanted to try this! So luckily, I got the one in pink.. thanks to BDJ! This cleansing lotion is a water-based one, plus it has coenzyme Q10 (moisturizer) which nourishes the skin, and prevent the skin from premature aging.
PACKAGING: The packaging is very simple and I like that it came in a pink bottle to be honest! Also, I like that it has a pump so it's very hygienic. Although sometimes I find it kinda hard to pump without getting it squirt everywhere. Another thing, It's all in Japanese. I can't understand a word!

CONSISTENCY/FORMULA: The consistency is very liquidy (hence, waterbased) as you can see from the photo above. It has a very milky texture, kinda like an emulsion but a bit thinner. It's nothing like greasy or oily. I like the formulation of this product.

Hi face!! this is the reality people.. my face after a long day at work! I can't wait to take off all the gunk. yikes! I feel like a grease ball already. haha Btw, if you're wondering I was wearing the Divine Wine lipstick in this photo. 

USAGE: I normally take 1 cotton pad and split them into two.. I find that the cleene one is the best! I just pump 1 to 2 pumps of the bifesta and it's good to go.
First thing I always wanna do is to take off my face makeup. You can already see the redness on my face! I love how this can take off the makeup in just one swipe!

Next, I take off my eye makeup! I like to really concentrate on this part because our eyes are the most sensitive part so I like taking my time here.. I usually just damp the cotton pad for a few seconds so all of the make up gets dissolve. Although I wasn't really wearing any eye makeup other than the fiber mascara. But still we have to be very careful and make sure not to drag the eye area because the first signs of aging are usually shown up here! Be careful at all times. Yes?

Lastly, ofcourse the lips! I like to get this off the last because it is always the most messy part!

TADAAHH!! I said I normally use 1 cotton pad but on days when I'm wearing an eye makeup I would go for 1 and a half! is it weird? I don't know.. I just really like using very thin cotton pads so I know the products are really getting into my skin and not just being soaked up by the cotton pad.

The BEFORE photo, I actually removed my eyebrows and face makeup when I took this. haha So never mind. But the after photo as you can see my face was so much brighter and not greasy at all! 

So all in all, I like this cleansing lotion! I never had a hard time washing my face after using this probably because it's a water based type. They actually claim to be safe to use even without washing your face, but I just couldn't do it! I always always have to do a double cleansing just to make sure my face is clean before hitting the sack! So yeah, I love this product a lot especially that it has an antiaging properties, plus it doesn't have any smell so I think this would be perfect for those with sensitive skin. I also find that this is a lot milder than using cleansing wipes on my face. I love this and I would definitely repurchase this! If you have tried any Bifesta please let me know, I kinda want to try the other ones that they have especially the one in a blue bottle! :)

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