DIY: Nail Polish Rack

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hi loves! I just wanted to share with you this little project that I did yesterday.. I was so annoyed by the fact that I just couldn't change my nail color from time to time because my nail polishes are hidden or kept in a storage. So yeah.. I kinda wanted to have a simple rack where I could see some of my fave nail polishes (how many times can I say nail polishes??lol) so I would be so inclined or inspired to do my nails. 

So anyways, let's get started!
So what you gunna need are: Foam board, Glue gun, Cutter/Scissor, Double sided tape, and a wrapping paper of your choice.

First off, split the foam board in half, and wrap the other side.. if you're wondering where I got this Gold Polka dot wrapping paper I got this from a wrapping paper store in megamall at the fashion hall. Forgot the name of the shop but it was beside the Celebrations. They have tons of beautiful wrapping paper! Then I use a double sided tape to seal them. I didn't bother wrapping the back of the foam board because you can't really see it though.

And then I use the other side of the foam board and measure the thickness of each stick that you want. I used my nail polishes so I know how thick I wanted the shelves to be. Then just wrap them again.. this time I decided to use a different wrapping paper but still has polka dots on it.. I got this one from a Shangrila store where they sell wrapping papers from Europe.

After that, you just kinda have to glue them all together by using a glue gun.. and again, I just used my nail polishes to figure out the height of each shelves if you know what I mean.

and TADAHH!! my nail polish rack is all done! I really didn't put any measurements because let's face it, we just have to eye ball everything. haha It really depends on how big you wanted your rack to be, in my case I just need a small one that I can fit in my little vanity area.

 The next thing you wanna do is to gather all your nail polishes. These are some of my fave nail polishes, I have a lot of them because I used to be so obsessed with them. Until now actually! lol
I just kinda sorted them according to their colors. and just picked which one I really like the best! because honestly, these nail polishes are heavy and I can't just put everything in this rack.
So there you go.. you can pretty much make it stand  on its own or hang it on your wall if you wish, or stick it.. whatever goes really!

Here's what I did with mine, excuse my kinda not so organized vanity area. As you can see the last rack I actually put my sunnies and my 3CE face mist. You can really get creative with it and it saves a lot of space and add a touch of color to your room! I love this. :)


  1. That's so creative of you, dear. This can also be a cute room accent. :)


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