DUPE ALERT: Divine Wine Maybelline Lipstick Dupe?

Saturday, February 28, 2015

 Hi loves! So today I can finally share with you the latest dupe I found! I love dupe videos and blogs especially when it comes to makeup. I kinda like wanna see how I can get the same exact result without splurging too much.. So yeah.. I know a lot of you are like looking for this DIVINE WINE maybelline matte lipstick which I blogged about. I heard so much raved about this! But it's kinda hard to get a hold of this even in the US because this lipstick is always sold out! Whilst, here in the Philippines, unfortunately we don't have the line here yet or never will be.. so I figured I would share with you the dupe I found for this. The best thing?? It's very cheap and always available!
I am talking about this NICHIDO MATTE LIPSTICK in Temptation (Php188). I also did a blog post about this here.

Right from this photo you can already tell that this is going to be a super similar color.. Oh welps, I love dark red shades can you tell?
The divine wine is just a little bit darker and matte.

 Swatched on hand, they are pretty similar like I couldn't even tell they are different lipsticks! Temptation has like a bit of orange to it but just a tiny bit.. they are still both very similar.
The formula though ofcourse, I'd have to go for the maybelline one because like I said on my previous blog about them, they are probably the best formulation of lipstick maybelline has ever made.  They go on very smoothly and creamy on the lips and dries to a matte finish without them being too drying on your lips, if you know what I mean. 
Whilst the Nichido one has a very drying formula but not too drying on the lips either, it kinda reminds of the retro finish from mac like the Ruby Woo which I always have a hard time applying, also another con is that the smell of this lipstick has a very plasticy scent so I couldn't really stand that. But nonetheless, if you're looking for the perfect dupe for the Divine Wine, and you have Nichido locally then definitely give this one a try!

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