Haul: Luxola's Exclusive Valentines Day gift set (Mirenesse Products)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

 Hello beautiful people!! Happy valentines day!! oh wow, I can't believe it's the hearts day already.. I hope y'all are having a fantastic day at the moment! Unfortunately, my Valentine (the boyfran) hasn't arrived yet. lol But luckily, Luxola made my day today! 

I finally got the Luxola's Exclusive Valentines Day gift set! (Valued for SGD$75) yay! All of these are from Mirenesse.. I honestly never heard and tried this brand before so I am super excited to try these. I love love shopping at Luxola especially during special occasions like this because they always either have a really good sale, or really good freebies!

So anyways, this whole set came in this little wrapper with a "thank you" sticker. That's cute!
It has a little pamphlet thing where they listed all of the products in this set.

So, the first thing I got really excited about was this one.
I love Lip crayons.
 It came in this little gorgeous packaging.

I honestly love the color itself although I would prefer something really matte than glossy.
I was so blown away with how smooth and pigmented this goes on my lips and when I tried it on my hand and lips. It smells absolutely great too!

 Oh my gosh!! I haven't tried a fiber mascara before and I heard they are amazing. So I was really excited to try this like omg I'm freaking out. lol

 This one in particular has won a beauty award and I actually read in the reviews that this really make their lashes look like they are wearing a falsies, which is right up to my alley because I love love wearing falsies so this would come very handy.

The other end has a regular mascara while this one was a bit strange but it has hairs a.k.a fibers  as you can see. Really curious to try this one out!

and lastly, this facemask called Ice Crystal Cryotherapy Event mask, I couldn't find this at Luxola website but this one claims to brighten the skin and making you look like a porcelain doll.

That's pretty much all of the things that I got from Luxola. I'll make sure to blog about what I think with these products as soon as I have tried them especially the mascara. Thanks for visiting my blog! If you have any questions, be sure to write them on my ask box on the left side of this blog and I will try my best to answer them all! Thanks. x

For first time Luxola shoppers,
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