Lavie Luxury Faux Lashes in Fleur (Review)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Oh lashes, we all need lashes.. well atleast for me. If you have been following me then you'd know that I am obsessed with lashes. I used to actually have it done from time to time but I always get annoyed with extensions and I find it super expensive so I just settle with faux lashes a lot of the times. I love me some Red Cherry lashes which I have a few of them.. but I recently discovered this Lavie lashes, thanks to Luxola!

"The most luscious lashes you'll ever own!"
I got the one in Fleur, just to try! Php196 only. Really inexpensive!
I super love the packaging! I do appreciate that they actually listed the instructions at the back of the box for those who haven't tried putting faux lashes yet.

It came with a plastic thingy which is great and hygienic so it won't get dusty.
 I personally love lashes that are kind of wispy at the sides if you know what I mean..
THOUGHTS: I have used this lashes already prior to this blog post that's why it look kinda clumpy in the picture., but honestly though they are very lightweight and easy to use. There are some lashes that I feel like after a few uses I knew I had to trash them away. But this one I feel like I can make a lot of uses before I have to toss them away. Really impressed with the quality!
TRY ON: The mink is very visible and very flattering which I like! I don't even need an eyeliner for this.  I feel like I had an extension done slready, or I was just probably really not blessed to have long lashes. Haha If you have the same problem then this might be the one for you also! :))
These type of lashes are good for a very sultry makeup look, I feel like. Though this may not look like an ideal everyday type of lashes but I would still wear them nonetheless because they're so pretty! Nothing too dramatic, just a very sexy eye look.
So all in all, I really really like this Lavie lashes! I have tried some lashes that tend to feel very heavy on my eyes. They kinda weigh my eyes down at the end of the day.. but I don't feel that with this one! I actually can't wait to purchase the Amaryllis which has the most raved about and also the snowdrop! I just wish they would bring it here in the Philippines so we could have an easy access to it. Thankfully though you can always purchase yours at Luxola and use my code "BLX-TRINA" for 15% off (first time shoppers only). I paid this with my own money and I don't get commissions or anything from the coupon code. I just genuinely would like to share this with you guys! :)

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