L'oreal Mat Magique All-In-One Transforming Powder Review

Sunday, February 15, 2015

As some of you may know, I recently bought two new products from L'oreal. I got the Lucent foundation for 50% off and the Mat Magique for the introductory price of Php499! I was hitting pan on my Rimmel powder so I decided to get this because it claims to mattify your skin for 12hrs. And though I don't have an oily skin, I still get kinda oily specially on my T-zone area because I have a combination skin. So matte powders are really a must for me.
The star ingredient of this product is the Volcanic Perlite, a natural non-irritating sebum absorber.
SPF 34 PA+++ which is great because summer is coming! we all need protection. Not just for the summer but ofcourse you know what I mean.
PACKAGING: Packaging wise, I really like it because it's super girly. haha It comes with a sponge which makes it super handy for retouch.

My shade: R1 Rose Ivory, as always I get the palest color. This shade fits perfectly on my skin tho.
Scent: This one smells like just the norm powder. Nothing special really.

 My thoughts: When I tried it at first, I didn't use anything else, not even a primer because I really really wanted to test it out. The first thing I noticed was the coverage. I was really blown away with how much this little powder can cover. It made my skin super flawless and poreless looking. Although I have to say it didn't cover this one dark spot on my face that I got from my recent breakout so I had to use a concealer, same goes with my dark under eyes. But ofcourse, you can always build it up. This is a two way cake by the way but I haven't tried this with a wet sponge yet, I think the coverage would be even better when used with a wet sponge.

The longevity: It lasts pretty long on my face before I needed to retouch. I think I was shine free for atleast 6hrs then after that I noticed some oiliness on my tzone area so I blotted it. And though 6hrs was pretty darn long, I don't think this can really make your face shine free for 12hrs straight. I have a combination skin, what more with those with oily skin. Though I have to say, it doesn't look cakey at all. But I would prefer using a brush than a sponge because sometimes when you use sponge you can really blend the product evenly. If you know what I mean.

So all in all, I really like this product, this made my makeup routine so much easier because of  it's great coverage, I can always skip using a foundation and just use this as it is. Love this! x

I finally tried using this with a wet sponge, and I really really love it!! so much better coverage and really long lasting! wow I am really impressedBut ofcourse, a really good primer could help as well.  I was using the Hourglass primer, and it was like glued on my face. :)

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  1. I would try to use it with a wet sponge next time. Using it dry makea my skin looks flaky. Thanks!


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