Monthly Favorites: February 2015!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

It's that time of the Month again! Another month, another set of favorites.. although I wouldn't be talking too much favorites lately as I kinda didn't use a lot of products and I didn't really want to talk about things that I didn't really like. So yeah, let start..


 This February, I kinda went for a really girly theme on my planner. I basically just use pastel colors and full of hearts. Because duh it's the love month. So there is no surprise that I have used this Kikki.k sticky notes for the whole month of February! I was just so obsessed with it..
I mainly used these three page flags for my planner.. I'll have a post all about my planner soon just to give you guys an idea on how I decorate my Kate Spade planner.

Next would be this Daphne Note pad that comes with a clip board (Php199). This goes super handy especially at work when I needed to just right things down so I won't forget it. I would even use this when I have a client to meet and I have to right some things.. I just love this so much!
I just think that the print is just super adorable that when I first got it I was like all over the moon inlove with the print plus it's super affordable! I am thinking of buying other stuff from this line.


Y'all know my obsession with masks, but this February I've been really liking the Leaders Insolution mask, I just think they are amazing and affordable.
 The mask itself is very soft and very gentle, I just adore this mask so much! I'll have an in depth review about these on my blog very very soon.. I have like all sorts of their mask and you can get them very cheaply at Luxola and use my code "BLX-TRINA" at checkout for 15% off.


On makeup categories I just have a few things as well.. I've been loving the mirenesse fiber mascara, mybelline brow duo (I'll have a review about this soon), ofcourse my current fave lipstick the Touch of Spice from maybelline.. I've been wearing this a lot eversince I got it! Also, I kinda cheated on this one, the Sleek contour kit which I am totally obsessed with, this was in my January fave and I have included this again in my February faves so whatever! I just really love this and I have not used any blush, luminizer, or bronzer on my face other then this one.
So that's about it guys!! I hope that you had a wonderful February and I hope this March is gunna be as good or even better than February! Lots of things are coming this march as I am also planning to start a Youtube channel so I could start filming myself and talk to you guys more.. I don't know, we'll see! :)

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  1. I love the sleek contour palette too! I got the one in Light! :) I've never touched my other contour powders yet because of this ^_^


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