My Pamper Routine (Updated)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

 Hey it's Sunday and I kinda wanted to talk about relaxing.. I haven't posted anything Pamper Related lately so I thought I should share my recent pamper routine with you guys! This was actually last Sunday and I just kinda wanted to share with you what I did to ease my mind from stress.

Recently, I've been narrowing down my toiletries, just the main few pieces that I actually really need. Like in this case I just have a candle from Bath and body works (market peach) this smells heavenly! my current facial wash the Tea Tree from The Body Shop, and the newest Pantene Conditioner which I did a blog post about here.

First thing that I wanna do is to get a small piece of this Granny Takes a Dip from Lush because we don't have like a huge bath. So I don't need that many.. But nonetheless I still love how it creates like a really beautiful purply color to my bath! I just love Lush products.. they are amazing!

 Next ofcourse is another Lush product and it's called the Candy mountain because I love me some bubbles! I have blogged about this Bubble bar from lush here. 
This just creates the most beautiful and luxurious bubbles ever! Super foamy and just cozy! I love this so much, I may have to buy me one again soon because I used my last piece in here. Plus it smells ridiculously yummy.

Then ofcourse, I just grabbed the ipad and watched some of my fave Youtubers! I was watching KathleenLights on youtube because I just adore her so much.. 

I would usually grab a Tea when I'm taking a bath but this time I figured why not bring some snack! I love this new Cream-O Brownie Crunch! They are my faves.. if you haven't tried it, you are missing out! I really love Jack n' Jill products, not that I am being biased or anything but this is truly heavenly! Plus really cheap for Php35 only.

Lastly, I just put on some mint Julep on my face and chill like a Villain! lol

That's about it guys! I hope this gave you an idea for your next pampering sesh.. I did nothing really special, it's just that I love me some "Me Time" because I know I can always just relax my mind, body, and spirit. I honestly think that we all need some quality time to just let go of whatever bothers you and just focus on your self because we all deserve a break. :)

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