Unboxing Post: BDJ Box Jan-Feb 2015!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Hello my lovies.. I super missed doing an unboxing post.. I was so pissed that I didn't get a chance to get my hands on the December box so I had to wait for atleast 2 months to get another box which was this box right here.. the BDJ Box for the month of Jan and Feb!

JUST A WARNING: Flooded with pictures!

 The theme for this month is KAWAII must haves.. Kawaii means cute or beautiful in nihonggo. I am so obsessed with this BOX!! I mean look at the packaging.. super kawaii ne?? :p

I was so excited to open this box.. so let's take a peek shall we??

here are all the products inside!!! like ohmygersh you guys.. I did not expect to get all of these in full sizes! BDJ is truly the best at getting your money's worth, and even more! omg..

They have also included this little pamphlet thing or a brochure filled with beauty itsy bitsy..

and ofcourse, the usual.. this little paper thing where they listed all the products included in the box, together with their actual prices so you can have a better view of your money's worth and a little instruction and background about the products inside.

 Just by looking at this I can already tell how this box costs about triple of what I have paid for! :p

TADAHHH!! ohgosh, super love these products..

Let's start off with this product.. It's the Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus (Php495) for 30ml. I have been trying different sorts of sunblock lately and my fave at the moment is the KLARITY. However, I still wanna try this and I figured this would be very helpful this coming summer!

 Next would be these two hair treatments.. Lucido-L Styling Milky Airy (Php295) 70ml, and Lucido-L Oil Perm (Php295) 50ml. I have almost picked these two before when I went to watsons.. I was so so curious about these and I was so glad they have included this! actually almost everything in this box I have always wanted to try.. super very happy with this box!

 and ofcourse, my favorite part ever! the makeups! 

Included in this box were these PIXY Products.. I have seen them everywhere and I was very curios about this brand..
Very thankful that they have included this. Yay!
I got two face products from Pixy which I really really love.. I got the Pixy Two Way Cake Fit (Php275) in the shade Nude Beige. Pixy Coverlast (Php325) in Ivory shade.
upon registering to BDJ Box you have to like fill up the information thing where you would list your skin concerns including your skin tone, etc.. I was very glad I did that because I got two shades that would match my skin perfectly! Although the nude beige one (left), I think I'd get the most use out of it during the summer as I find it kinda dark for me, whilst the Ivory shade is perfect! I can't wait to use these two and tell you guys what I think about it.

 and for my eyeballs.. I got this Pixy Eyeshadow (Php315) and Pixy Blush On (Php345) for my chubby cheeks.
I honestly don't like the shade that I got for this eyeshadow duo.. I don't see myself using a yellow thing on my eyes. But the blusher I really love, it has a kinda mauvey color that I am really into these days. So yeah I can't wait to use this blusher!

and last but definitely not the least... and actually the very thing I am most excited about.. Oh my gosh you guys!! Bifesta Cleansing Lotion Age Care (Php419) 300ml. I have always always wanted to try this but I was very skeptical about it and find it kinda too pricey for a cleansing lotion. So I was like all over the moon when I saw this inside the box! I haven't really tried any make up remover like this, I preferred using the wipes or the ones in cream form. So I was very happy that they have included this.. it has Q10 which is a plus to me.

So all in all, I got 8 products in total. I only paid Php580 for this beauty subscription box (paid my own money) and got Php2,764 products in total!! I can honestly say that this has got to be the best box I have gotten so far from BDJ because everything is in fullsize so I really appreciate that. I can't wait for the next box! BDJ never fail to amaze me..

I can't wait for the Bellabox
to finally launch here in the Philippines.

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