Limited Edition: MAC TOLEDO in Victoriana (Lipstick Review)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

So, as some of you may know I just recently celebrated my 25th birthday last April 2, and my officemates secretly surprised me with a limited edition lipstick from Mac, and it's called Victoriana. Wow they know me too well because they opted to buy me a red one. Haha I was super happy about it as this would be my very first limited edition lipstick from Mac. Yay! Thank you friends.. <3 

Although I've been eyeing for the Oxblood shade from this line and the Mac's Julia Petit Acai Lipstick both are sold out very easily. Sad!
 But anyhow, this lipstick is a matte one which I like.

 PACKAGING: Packaging wise, I like that it comes in a white tube because this would really stand out in my vanity area. The packaging of the lipstick itself has a very sleek feel to it, kind of rubbery and not plastic-y type of thing.. if you know what I mean.

 SHADE: The shade is stunning! I like that it's red but not too red because you can still see that there's like a hint of Pink shade to it. I thought this would be very similar with some of my lipsticks or the Ruby Woo one but I was wrong. I like this shade and this could probably be really flattering with any skintone.
FORMULA: This is a matte shade from Mac, not to be confused with their retro matte, this one is still very creamy and easy to apply. But unlike with the Retro matte, this shade can transfer to anything like when you kiss, drink, or eat but the color will still be in there. 
The staying power and the pigmentation of this lipstick will still be very much in there. I find that you can wear this lipstick for atleast a few hours without even retouching.


So overall, I really really like this lipstick, it's very flattering with my skintone. I don't feel like it's washing my face out at all, but rather making me look really fair and flawless. and I know some people are kind of shy about wearing "on your face" kind of red lipstick... but you won't feel about that with this one because it's not pure red at all. It has a hint of pink shade to it making it like a very wearable shade especially this summer time! I love this. :)

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