Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper Review (A brow game changer?)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

This right here is a definite brow changer! Yep, you heard that right.. as you all may know there is a saying that you can forget to wear your bras or undies but not your brows undone. NIGHTMARE!! I totally probably just made that all up but you get my point. So anyways, I got this from Robinsons Department Store for Php399. I honestly thought, well.. that's kind of expensive for a brow product since I don't normally splurge on my brows because they don't look very problematic although at times I feel like they have a mind of its own and not cooperating. 

So.. I've been eyeing on the Anastasia Brow Wiz because it has tons of rave from the beauty gurus but I can't really justify the price of it! Good thing, I saw this new duo shaper from maybelline and decided to go for it! They also have the one with a spoolie on the other side which is a bit cheaper than this, but I just opt for this one because it came with a powder already.
I went for the lightest shade, the light brown.. I think they have 3 shades but since I dyed my hair I needed a shade that would go perfectly with it. I like the color of this springy sponge powder because it's very pigmented yet easy to work with.
What really caught my attention was this skinny pencil that comes with it. Kind of reminds me of the brow wiz.. the skinny ones are so in trend nowadays because it gives you the perfect control of how you wanted your brows to shape or look like. 
 It also has quite a good amount of product which could probably last you for up to 2 months of use.
On top is the pencil, and the powder at the bottom. 

Surprisingly the pencil is not as pigmented so you can have a perfect room for errors and avoid the harsh brow lines that we annoyingly usually get from other brow pencils.

 1. I fill in and draw the brow shape that I want.
2. Then I just fill in the rest with the powder.
 It's that simple really.

I find that you can also sport a really strong brow game like Cara Delevgine with this brow product or go skinny as possible.. But I like me some natural looking brows so I just reshape the natural shape of my brows and just blend the inner corner of it because I don't like harsh brow lines. 
I kinda like the ombre effect if you know what I mean. So all in all, I would give this product a big 2 thumbs up because the longevity is really good as well. It's not like it's waterproof or anything but it can pretty much survive the whole day without me having to retouch my brows. Plus, when I'm on the go this comes very handy especially to busy girls like me.. it looks like you've put a lot of effort when the truth is you just spent like 3 mins on your brows whilst you're on the bus and late for work (true Srsly, this is a really good product and is now a part of my Holy Grail products because this has made my life so much easier now. Totally recommend this one. Maybelline has really amped up their game and can pretty much go along with the trends without the hefty price.

I can't think of any CONS right now other than the product label was erased within like seconds of me touching the product. But other than that this is a real brow game changer.

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  1. Wow!!!! I love this! Are you from the Philippines? Sorry, I haven't been here that long. I just found out about your blog while I was looking for reviews on the Yogi tea! I'm obsessed with my eyebrows and though I've found a really good eyebrow kit, this review made me want to go back to using eyebrow pens again!


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