Monthly Favorites: APRIL 2015!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Hello guys, happy end of APRIL! my birthday month just flew by and now we are starting yet another month.. and I am here sharing with you again my April 2015 Favorites! So let's begin.


Ofcourse, we always start with the beauty favorites.. 

*Lasertox CC Cream - again, this one is a no brainer.. I feel like I've raved about this over and over again but I just couldn't help myself. I just love how this evens out my skin and how light it is.. ugh, just perfect!
*Mirenesse Fiber Lash - I've always wanted to review this product but I just couldn't get around into doing it. But this one really does magic into lengthening my lashes.
*Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - and though this one came a little bit late near the end of April, I just love it so much that I stopped using any other concealers that I have. I'll have a review about this one soon.
*Wet n' wild (mauve outta here) matte lipstick - Oh yes! an old love.. I fell back inlove with this lipstick because it has the perfect shade of pink with a bit of mauvey feel to it. Just a perfect shade for this summer time!
*Dr. Jart V7 Beauty Balm - this one I got as a sample from Luxola.. but this definitely is a miraculous product that instantly smoothens out my skin like no other.. I sometimes just use this as it is and skip the foundation. I might actually but the fullsize of this.
*Dr. Jart BB Dis-a-pore - But when my face needs a little bit of coverage, I go for this one. Yup another sample size but it was so great! A little goes a long way and the coverage is fantastic.
*Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm - I don't know why but for some reason my lips are extra dry these days. Probably because of too much air conditioning or its just summer I don't know.. But it feels dry and crack, thanfully I have this baby to save my lips from peeling off like cray! I just put this on at night and when I wake up my lips are incredibly smooth all over again.

*Mac Strobe Cream - one of my latest obsession. The strobe cream! We all love that JLO glow this summer and this gives me a healthy one that doesn't look greasy at all but rather flawlesss and just ahh dreamy! I love this. You can check out my review of this here.


*Bath and Body Works Summer Boardwalk (3-wick Candle) - Yes, I am still a candle freak.. and this candle is what I've been burning eversince the Summer started. I love this! it has a sweet popcorny scent to it that is not sickening but rather feels very summery and outdoor-y as if you are in a carnival like in the picture. I just love this and the throw is rather fantastic and strong. As you can see I am almost done with this candle and that's how much I love this!


I am not much of an APP person that's why I don't usually have an app favorite because let's be real.. I just mainly use my phone for Instagram and facebook, and a bit of emails. But for this past month I've been into Fitness and running, so there's an app that's been helping me a lot to monitor my progress especially with my running and it's called the RunKeeper! I love it so much!! I just open it whenever I would go for a run and it would tell me my speed, calories I've lost, the time, and how far  miles I've ran. It's super helpful, and though I'm still discerning whether or not I would upgrade it to elite and pay for this app, but so far so good.. I think I might really purchase the app anytime soon.


*Nike Kaishi Run - and last but definitely not the least.. my running/training shoes from my boyfie which he got at a Nike Store whilst he was away. I rarely ever like a running shoes or any shoes in particular because that was just not my type but eversince I started going to the gym and started eating healthy I just kinda enjoy having gears like this.. and I love this shoes! Not just because its pink but it's very light. I was choosing between the Roshe and this one but after doing some research I find that this one is better. I don't feel like it's hurting my feet at all. I just love this and I would recommend this to you guys but the Nike store here in the Philippines doesn't carry this. They didn't release this kaishi run here and I'm not sure why. But nonetheless, I love this!

 and these you guys just sums up my APRIL 2015 favorites! I just love this month not just because it's my birthday month but a lot of good and miraculous things happened.. like me getting into fitness after what feels like forever. It just hit me when I turned 25 that I am not getting any younger so I need to start focusing on my health and stuff.. So yeah! That's about it guys and I hope y'all are having a wonderful start of May! Happy Labor Day to us hard workers. :)

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