Pixi Glow Mist Review

Sunday, May 3, 2015

So, let's get over the may-pac fight and let's talk about something more interesting stuff like this new PIXI Glow mist that has landed the Philippine's beauty cult. I've been seeing this everywhere and I've been wanting to get my hands on the PIXI GLOW TONIC but sadly we don't have that here yet. But good thing, they are pretty much starting to bring everything in here so hopefully soon I'll get my hands on everyone's favorite tonic.

But anyhoo, I've heard a lot of good things about this mist by many beauty bloggers and youtubers so  I decided to get my hands on it as soon as the Glamourbox Philippines announced that they are selling this. I got mine from Trinoma Landmark for Php950, if you're going to get this online you may have to pay extra for the shipping fee. They also have the makeup fix mist that comes in a pink liquid type, I'm guessing it has rose in it and good for oily skin.

 PACKAGING: It's very gorgeous and simple at the same time. It has an expensive feel to it probably because of the gold sparkly labeling going on in there. The bottle itself is plastic so you don't have to worry about dropping it or carrying it all the time with you. Very travel friendly too for being 80ml liguid.
The automizer was really good! Probably the best nozzle spray that I have ever tried! it spritz on my face very evenly and doesn't leave any droplets at all. It was very fine and just pure perfection.
I've always been a fan of facial mists and when I heard that this gives a dewy and luminous finish, I just had to give it a try. My skin has been extra dry lately probably because of the air-conditioning in the office and at home, because duh?! it's summer time! we can't survive the heat. But we all know that aircons can dry up our skin, and putting makeup on had been a struggle because it cakes up on me like cray! I've also been using the 3CE facial mist but I feel like it doesn't do anything at all.
 And if I'm being truly honest, the word "oil" really sold me into buying this because I haven't tried any facial mists that has oil in it. This also has aloe vera and some fruit extracts, enriched with 13 natural oils including Argan Oil which we all know can work wonders on our skin. It is separated into two liquid parts as you can see and you have to shake it up before spraying. 

This was one pump, a very close spritz, it doesn't have any sparkles or glitters in it but this literally glows and I was blown by it. It wasn't the kind of luminosity that can make you look like a grease ball, but more of that healthy goddess kind of glow!

On my face, I use this before and after makeup and I really really like it.. Eversince I've tried this, putting makeup on has been a dream. It instantly hydrates my skin and gives me the kind of radiance that I've always wanted. All in all, I would 100% recommend this.. I had the impression that because it has oils this can probably clog up my pores but I was wrong. It was very light and refreshing. And as far as makeup goes, the chalkiness was gone instantly and my makeup never looked cakey! such a breakthrough.. Good job Pixi! I was literally blown away. A new holy grail right here.


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