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Sunday, June 7, 2015

I have missed blogging about food.. I used to always blog about a new restaurant before and I kinda forgotten about it a little bit and focused more on the "beauty blogging". But I've always love food, and I got loads of food pictures that I keep on forgetting to share so I thought why not blog about new food discoveries that I have been trying recently. So yeah, one of them was this Amateur Korean Ramen Restaurant  that we happened to try a few months back with my officemates. Located at the Grand Emerald Tower.

The restaurant was kind of small, but with really cute designs.

Love the wall decals.

 The MENU was just the basic Korean Favorites, like Gimbap, kimchi, etc. Their main focus though was the noodles. They've got quite a few to choose from. And the prices were just super affordable!
 Right as we sat on the table they gave us free water, they also have juices, softdrinks, and even ice cream if you're wondering.

I srsly forgot what I ordered but I think this was the Ottongtong Ramyon. haha I added like 15 for extra egg.
Surprisingly, they use instant noodles and added like carrots and stuff. The ramen was just okay.. no wow factor but I would still recommend this to those who are noodle lovers but doesn't want to splurge a lot for a simple lunch. x

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