Friday, June 19, 2015

Hello guys, I decided to re-vamped my #instaweek posts a little bit and I'd be doing these kind of Polaroid type of pictures hopefully with my every instaweek posts. So yeah, early this June we happened to try the Sambokojin which I did have a post here, the food was great and I wanna go back soon. Ofcourse, the DIY Marble Plate that I recently did. New installment on my blog as well called My Empties. Then I had to dye my hair using the new L'oreal Excellence.And my newest discovery, the Tesco cereal bar.

Selfie never gets old.. and my fave spot from the Sambokojin was obviously the Sushi Bar because I love me some Japanese food. The new Oat dairy milk which I love, the Running space which I did have a post.

My running has becoming more and more difficult to find the time with, because I've got lots to do during the weekends and it's crazy how I can't even manage to squeeze in a run for atleast 30minutes. I hate it, so this weekend I am going to try my best and really make it a point to just go out and get my heart running. How did your week go so far? x


  1. The polaroid layout is cute! Gives a whole vintage feel to the post. :) Love it!

    <3 Alex //

    1. yay! thanks alex.. just a wee bit more of effort to do so though. x

  2. Love the polaroid setup, super cute!!! Love the photos too :)



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