Megafoodhall: Tex-mex and Frankies Review

Monday, June 29, 2015

 Since few minutes from now until lunch time.. I decided to do a blog post about these two new restaurants that me and my friends have been obsessing about, "Tex-Mex" and "Frankies". I srsly cannot count how many times I've dine here, if there's such thing as loyalty card, I definitely should have one.
Some of the photos I've taken during my visits
MEGAFOODHALL is located in Megamall (obv), at their newest wing-- Level 5. Their collection of restaurants here are pretty impressive and kind of high-end as compared to what we've grown up with. Y'know the usual noisy and crowded foodcourt, like ehem, Galleria! you people should get your shit together. So anyways, I was pretty impressed and thought I should try them all. 

 Lo and behold, I saw these two. Tex-mex was a no-brainer for me.. I am a sucker for anything mexican food, especially Burrito. So this was a must-try.
I like the fact that they only have few choices to choose from so it wasn't really that hard for me to pick what I really wanted to try/eat. I've tried their nachos, quesadilla, and taco fries. All of them did not disappoint me. Plus, really affordable price! Total win.

Chicken Burrito Php179, huge chicken slices, huge cut, so I always split this with my friend or with my boyfie. I'll tell you later on, how we eat this.. haha

Now let's talk about Frankies, they offers New York style buffalo wings and always queuing with lots of people. So I was really curious as to what they have to offer.. and surprisingly, I was so hooked with their Garlic Parmesan chicken!! omg.
We always order for 1 dozen of this (Php348), so that's 12pcs of Garlic Parmesan wings.. they have nine flavors to choose from if you're wondering. You can also order the Wings World (12 pcs of chicken with 3 flavors). But a dozen of Garlic Parmesan is all you really need my friend, I'm just sayin'.

as weird as it may sound but I love pairing these two together.. I always make this burrito as my rice. Yes! so yummy and lots of flavors. But really fattening, ugh so I always try to limit myself up to 2 chicken or 3 at most. But I have to say, it was really hard to stop once you're hooked. ha! Hello happy pounds.
me and boyfie
I didn't want to bore with a long blog post so I want to end this right here.. All I can say is that they both offer good food with a good price. So thumbs up for that! There are so much more to try at the Mega Food Hall, infact I have also tried the SP Steak and Paella, kind of yummers too but I find it too pricey and has small servings.. the NAV modern Thai is my newest prospect to try! hihi

Let me know if you've tried the other restos here, I would love to know your suggestions! x

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