My Empties # 1

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hello guys! Just another new installment on my blog.. and it's called My Empties! It seems like being a girl and blogging about beauty in particular, I felt like it was just right for me to share my thoughts about products that I just finished. So anyways, here are my very first batch of the product empties..

Let's go straight with the messy ones that I've been dying to throw away already.. The sachets! To be honest, I don't even know how to start with these ones.. Majority of these were actually just sent to me to try, and some of them I got from BDJ BOX. Oh welps, for a start-- I've got the Ponds day cream which I haven't even opened yet because I just don't feel like trying it. My Choice Papaya lotion which I just opened and probably it was my mom who tried it, Laneige sleeping pack because I've been dying to try this, unfortunately though I didn't feel any difference despite all the good raves from other bloggers. Maxi Peel tinted moisturizer I honestly don't even know why I picked this up but this sucks, Dr. Jart Help me balm for the face, I srsly freaking love this one.. I got this from Luxola and I hate that I couldn't really afford the full size because it is quite pricey but totes worth it I guess.. Egyptian Magic everyone knows about this and yeah it does makes wonders but kinda heavy for the face, Brighten my day from Philosophy and Ginzing from Origins these two were eyecreams and I love the Philosophy one because it really brightens my eye area and great under make-up, whilst the Origins just ugh! I don't like it and definitely not for under your makeup. Then we got the two random moisturizers and one of them is from Yves Rocher which I kinda like and works okay for my face, plus I love the smell.

Then again some bottled products, like my Pure water mist from FaceShop which I loved back in college. Yadah Toner works really great for lightening pimple marks, then I got random ones like the Dr. Jart BB Cream, Benefit It's potent works miracle for my eyebags, Benefit They're Real Mascara sample, Kiehl's Midnight Repair Serum which I like omg. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind this took forever to finish! haha but I love this one. The Beauskin Collagen Mascara, Maybelline Brow Duo my holygrail product for my eyebrows, and I actually just repurchased a new one and planning to stock up! haha and some other random stuff.

Y'all can see how much I love Nivea Gentle Cleansing Wipes I honestly gone through so many of these that I lost count already.. probably 5-6 packets of these! I also tried the exfoliating one which I didn't really care about. But this one in particular, I really love. I also finished the Etude House cleansing tissue.. this was okay but I don't really like the smell. Then a packet of on the go nuts.

Lastly, some toiletries that I have finished..

First one, my new found miracle worker the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash (Gel) from the Body Shop I love this stuff! I have gone through 2 bottles of these to be honest and this can really keep my skin at bay. I have noticed that I am less likely to break out whenever I use this one. The only thing that really bothered me was the fact that I go through quickly with this one because I find it really hard to control the product that's coming out from it.. and considering the price of Php595 I'm not willing to splurge with a facial wash that would only last me for about 3 weeks. So I have converted into using their Tea Tree Facial wash in Cream Type and I am srsly loving it!

Bath and Body works Lemon Hand Soap I thought I wouldn't love this one and the lemon part didn't really appeal to me that much to be honest, but surprisingly it didn't smell like the Taxi's or Fx I was thinking about. But rather this smells very fresh and relaxing.

Nivea White Repair facial wash I did pick up a few items from the Nivea sale and this was one of them. I liked this one because this really brightens up my face but I felt like it was kind of heavy on my face as supposed because it was a pore minimizer foam but I don't know, it was okay but I felt weird.
Yadah Anti-Trouble Bubble Cleanser  I had a review about this one before and I actually didn'tget to finish the whole thing, I just stopped using it because it didn't really do anything with my face.

So yeah that would be the very first volume of my Product empties!! I hope I gave you an idea on what products to get or forget.. I would see you guys in my next post. x


  1. Wow you've finished up so many products! I'm awful at finishing anything I'm always trying out something new and forgetting about what I already have! I love reading about empties, great post! Love your blog design! x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

    1. Yas, doing empties are kind of messy though!! I won't be doing any empties post for a long time. hihi


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