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Thursday, June 11, 2015

I've always wanted to blog about this little running space that we have near our house. We recently moved in to a new apartment, quite smaller than our previous house which was mega spacious. I didn't think I would enjoy our first few months here, moreso get over the fact that we are separating with the house I grew up with for about 20 solid years [sounds too impossible for me], but not until I have discovered this huge running space one morning whilst trying to embrace the big change and get the feel of the space.

 I see a lot of people every morning occupying this huge space.. some would go biking, brisk walking, strolling their babies, and ofcourse jogging. I supposed this was allotted for a housing project thing going on but they were too kind to open the space for public use. This space may seem a little bit jampacked every morning so I often do my jog here every afternoon between 5:30-6:00pm.
I love that I can basically run around here for 30mins every weekends or when I am in the mood, I'd go for 1 hour straight run. This remind me so much of the UP oval, only it would take me about 2-3 rounds to get a 3km run. While it only takes 1 round to get 2km in UP Oval. But I would still prefer this place to be honest.
 Cute little cotton candy clouds.

I love that because this running space is so near where we live, I could just basically get on my jogging regularly and really focus on losing weight and trying to be healthy. So yeah, this helps a lot!

and when it gets darker, I know it's time for me to cool down and enjoy the sunset..
Truly though, it's the little things that count. x


  1. Wow...cute little cotton candy clouds - they look adorbs.


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