Sambokojin Buffet Overview

Monday, June 15, 2015

 Last week June 6th, Sunday.  

When my boyfie arrived home from his vacation with family. We decided to have a date out and celebrate our 3 years and 4 months of being together. I've always wanted to try Sambokojin because I love Japanese and Korean food but we always end up being in a different restaurant all the time or a different buffet like Yakimix. Luckily enough, Sambokojin has recently opened it's new branch in SM Megamall so we won't have to go somewhere else farther just to try this buffet.

 The place.. Not so big compared to Vikings! 

Please excuse the quality of my photos, the lighting was terrible for cameras.. also I took a lot of photos from my boyfriend's phone but for some reason it got deleted. Ughh.

First few plates.. Went a little bit crazy with Sushi and different flavors of Tonkatsu! Pretty impressed with their selections of Tonkatsu and Tempura's.

 The Barbecue selections were also pretty huge!
They also have different sauces readily available in every table.

My favorite spot as always.. yum yum!! I love me some Maki's..

The Fruit Table.. didn't really care about their selections. I barely even tried the fruits.

 Lastly, the dessert table!!! huge selections of sweets and cakes.
Eye candy!!

All in all, I would rate Sambokojin as 8/10 because I love Japanese Food, it was pretty obvious because I didn't even took a picture from Korean selections. Ooops! But they have ofcourse some of the norm food of Koreans like bibimbap, kimchi, etc. Whilst, the Japanese have Tonkatsu's, freshly made takoyaki, tempura's, sushi,.etc. I love the food and I was pretty satisfied, I just thought the Dessert Table was such a flap because despite their huge selection of sweets, none of them really appealed to me. I just thought they taste normal. But for the price of Php749 for Lunch/Dinner every Sat-Sunday, I would definitely keep coming back.

Meanwhile, they were having a promo called "Beat the clock". Try to finish your lunch at exactly 12:15pm and pay Php549 only instead of Php649! Whilst, only Php649 instead of Php749 if you finish your dinner by 7pm. Amazeballs!

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