The New L'oreal Excellence Fashion Hair Color Review

Monday, June 15, 2015

 During the long weekend I was finally able to color my hair.. I've been wanting to change my hair color since God knows when but I just couldn't really decide whether I would let my hair grow and just cut the bleached part of my hair or just color my hair entirely new. Good thing, L'oreal released a new hair color line exclusively sold to Watsons, atleast that's what they told me. The Excellence Fashion range has Hi-Shine Complex, Micro-Cera Essence, Amino Acid and Collagen which is able to protect, strengthen and replenish the hair all at the same time. What stands out the most for me was this Intense Copper Brown (Php495).
 Since my hair was originally dyed in color red until it faded and became gold (blah!), I decided to go for this color just to kinda darken it up a bit.
 Here are the products included inside the box.
and ofcourse the gloves were inside the pamphlet thingy.

 STEP 1: Before anything else, you gotta apply this Protective pre-color serum all over your hair. This will act like a shield to protect your hair from getting damage.
I have a mid-length hair type but this serum was enough to cover the majority of my hair.

This time make sure that you wear your gloves because here comes the Protective Creme Colorant and the Creme Developer.
 STEP 2: It's pretty self explanatory, mix the two together until the color develops fully.
Time to shake!

My hair before the color.. really deep black roots. yikes! I waited for about 30-45 minutes before rinsing it off, and I used the Protective Conditioner that it came with which I loooove.

 AFTER the color.. Day 1 and Day 2

I know you can't see much of a difference but it made my hair a bit darker than usual. It definitely toned down my crazy bleached hair so it doesn't look too golden anymore. The roots are still kind of black in the picture but in real life especially when it catches the light, you can really see the color reflecting. Plus I love the fact that this doesn't damaged my hair!! Rather it made my hair super shiny and soft..

CONS: The color didn't really impressed me so much to be honest. I thought it would be super intense color, but it barely really appeared on my roots. Just a reflect color. Also, during color application there were some parts of my scalp that really burnt! Bearable but it did burn and I wasn't too happy about it.

PROS: Super shinny, and soft. Didn't really damaged my hair at all, has a pleasant smell. The protective conditioner was the bomb!
So all in all, though I did have some cons to say about this hair color, I still think that this is one of the best that you can rely to when it comes to available DIY hair colors in the market. Still worth a try, plus when you buy 1, you can get a free shirt! which I think is awesome. Definitely, I would still try to fix my hair further and maybe do some highlights pretty soon. x

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  1. I think some formulations for hair coloring differs. Anyway you got a better roots right now, not complete covered but it's somewhat like an ombre look :) I like the font you used for the 'L'oreal...' photo :)

    A Beauty Bella ❤


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