English Tea Shop: Green Tea Pomegranate Review

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rainy season has officially started here in the Philippines and the office is getting extra cold. We needed a little warmth in this kind of bed weather to somehow stay focused at work and avoid being sleepy. I picked up a new Tea that I love, and figured I haven't really posted any Tea reviews in awhile so I might as well do this one.

I've been seeing this tea brand for awhile but it was only recently that I decided to pick up one from their Tea collections, after bazillion of other kinds. English Tea Shop is apparently a UK brand.
I got the Green Tea Pomegranate (Php99.00) has 8 teabags inside.

The packaging is really cute, and I like that they really use organic ingredients and natural flavoring. Infact, they are certified organic by the Fair Trade International as seen on the packaging.
the teabags are packed individually, which is always good. So I can always take one on to go.
The recommended brewing time s 2-3 minutes, I thought it was too weak so I left the bag whilst I sip it.
The Aroma of the tea - has a very sweet, girly, and quite fruity which gave me an idea that this is going to be a sweet tea, and a little weaker that normal teas. I really enjoyed the smell of it.
The Taste - this tea has a weaker taste of greentea which means; not really bitter at all. Probably something I would recommend trying if you're a newbie tea drinker. It also has a rose after note which has a very similar taste like Yogi Skin Detox Tea but has a stronger fruity taste.
All in all, I really like this Tea. Anyone who enjoys a very mild tea would love this too! I try to drink this tea every after lunch especially whenever I feel like I have eaten a lot. This helps aid digestion and me feeling a little less bloated. Definitely looking forward to try other Teas from this brand.


  1. yum!sounds yummy! It's summer in London, but its cold in the office too :(

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Nothing beats a cuppa tea when it's raining! Xx

    Shaqinah from Shoes and Roses xx

  3. Great post, hun


    Nicoleta || http://reinventyourself.guide

  4. Thanks for the tip!I have to lay down my huge coffee addition!

  5. I love a yummy cup of tea :). Super cute blog!
    XO, Maci

  6. I love a yummy cup of tea :) Such a cute blog!
    XO, Maci


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