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Monday, July 27, 2015

Leaders Insolution Mask Review
Hello guys!! it's facemask haul time.. I've received some questions on my ASK.FM account regarding facemasks and whatnot. I love facemasks, and I do recommend them to everyone because they could benefit your skin, and I actually collect them myself because I need them from time to time especially when my skin needs some extra love and care. But today, I just want to specifically focus on just one brand and it's called the Leaders Insolution I bought everything from Luxola with my own money because I really wanted to try them. I've been hearing good stuff about this mask so I gave it a shot.

Leaders Insolution Mask Review
The first ones are these two masks, a bit longer than their normal ones. I got the Collagen Lifting and AC-Dressing (Php133/each). I have also tried the Tea Tree one that they have and I loved it.
Leaders Insolution Mask Review
AC-DRESSINGgently soothes irritation as well as reduces blemishes and scars. It is ideal for troubled skin with sebum, acne, large pores, irritation and redness. (via luxola)
COLLAGEN LIFTING, Filled with collagen, the mask allows your skin to regain its firmness, bounce, and glow. It also hydrates your skin so that you can look younger. (via luxola)
Now to the smaller ones Php99.50/each.. I've got quite a lot honestly, I just showed you the ones that I have.. some of them I bought back-ups just in case like the Detox Mask and the Brightening Mask.
Leaders Insolution Mask Review
DETOX MASK, gently eradicates impurities, and removes blemishes and dead skin. With its Algae extract, your skin's turnover is sped up so that your skin becomes rejuvenated faster. (via luxola)

I honestly haven't tried or heard any detox mask from other brands so I decided to give this one a try.
Face Mask Haul and Review
Then the rest are just the normal ones..

PORE CONTROL, This deep and purifying mask helps to unclog and tighten enlarged pores, while also tackling uneven skin tone and loss of elasticity. It is non-drying and leaves skin soft and comforted, and your complexion visibly clearer, firmer and less troubled after one use. Leaders Insolution masks are free of parabens, mineral oils, silicon and artificial pigments; so treatment to your skin is done naturally and gently. (via luxola)

BRIGHT MASK, Bring balance and elasticity back to your skin, and rejuvenate it from its tired state with Dema Soul Bright Mask. Rich in antioxidants from its Acai Berry extract, the fast-acting mask shows you effective, positive results on your skin, making it brighter, clearer, and naturally radiant. (via luxola)

REGENERATION MASK, is filled with nutritious active ingredients to help restore vitality and radiance in lifeless skin. This mask works to hydrate, revive and reactivate your skin cells, giving you a perfect, soft and supple complexion. (via luxola)

If I get to try one of them soon, I would definitely blog about it and share with you my thoughts.. So far, I've tried the Tea Tree mask and I loved it.. so I would definitely recommend these to you.. I can't wait to try the others soon!! FYI: I think you could also try BEAUTYMNL, they also started selling this mask.

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  1. such good masks! I have never used many to be honest, but a brightening mask sounds like it is exactly what I need :)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. yeah you should give this brand a try!! :)


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