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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kyochon Review Philippines
Kyochon has been around for some time now, but it was only this weekend that I decided to give this a try and make my own Kyochon review, finally.. Me and my boyfriend loves Frankies chicken so I was really aiming to make a comparison between the two. However, I know that Kyochon is more likely similar to Bonchon but surprisingly, I was never a fan of Bonchon, so sorry #TeamBonchon but I love the chicken sandwich though. Anyhoo, all I know is that Kyochon prides itself with their double-fried chicken technique that removes the fatty oils from the chicken completely and they never use MSG, and only fry their chicken in canola oil with zero transfat.
Kyochon Manila
 For a start, the ambiance is good. Industrial looking but very modern and homey.
Kyochon SM Megamall
I love the fence and the caged stone wall accent, very unique.

Kyochon Ph Menu
I find their pricing quite affordable.
Lee Min Ho
LEE MIN HO as their celebrity endorser.

Kyochon chicken wrap
 Me and my friend ordered the Chicken wrap Php130 (?) I forgot what it's called sorry. But it has some lettuce, soonsal chicken strip, avocado, and cheese. I honestly, think that this lacks flavour and the bread wrap was a little burnt and falling apart so I didn't really enjoy this dish at all, except for the chicken which I thought was delicious and pretty fair in size. However, for people who are health conscious I think this would be a good dish and thus makes you full.
Kimchi rice
 Then I asked my boyfie to order Kimchi rice (Php99) for him so I could give it a try. The kimchi rice was just okay, too spicy but if mixed with the egg yolk, it's pretty decent. Do I like it? Not at all.
 A bottle of Cerveza Negra for my boyfriend.
Kyochon chicken
then we ordered for the classic flavor (medium 10pcs) for Php290, we were actually expecting the chicken to be a little bit bigger but it was actually small, too small. I appreciate that the chicken was actually double-fried to remove all the excess oil, however, I find the chicken too dry and lack of taste thereof. I didn't want to actually give this restaurant a bad review because everyone seems to like it, but my visit wasn't that too exciting; or we probably just didn't know what to order (even if we asked the waiter what to get?). Whatever that might be, Kyochon didn't impress me at all, but I'm still willing to give it a try I guess, and see if my review will somewhat change and actually enjoy the food.
The bill was Php750 in total and we all thought it was okay but still wasn't that all satisfied with the food. If you have tried Kyochon before please let me know what are your favorites from the menu? x

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