My new blogging camera: Samsung NX Mini (Pink)

Friday, July 3, 2015

I finally decided to invest my hard earned money into something I've been wanting/drooling for ages, yes--a camera of my own. It's not that I didn't have any camera or whatnot, I have my phone to take pretty decent photos with, an old school Pentax dslr from my ex-boyfriend in France, and a canon camera that I can borrow to my boyfriend whenever. But I am so tried of not having a very handy camera of my own that I can take with me and just throw inside my purse.. So to make the long story short, I bought a Samsung NX-Mini (Php17,990).   I opted for a pink one, because duh?! why not. But they have more colors to choose from like mint, white, brown, and black. I was originally going for the white one, but whatever! I might as well be all girly and go for the pink anyway.
Here are the things inside the box. Please note that I won't go so much to the details because let's face it, I am not one of a techy blogger. I am more of  a "let's do an overview, a very shallow first impression kind of thing. Shall we?

So for a start, I was honestly surprised to see that they've included a free Photoshop Lightroom 5! something that I just have to learn how to do finally. Besides afterlight and picmonkey, I literally don't know where else I could edit my photos. So having a free photoshop to install really excites me.
Now, the lens.. I was really aiming for the zoom lens but ended up getting the 9mm because it was a lot more expensive to get, but now that I think about it, and using the camera for a few days now-- I am deeply regretting it. It's not that this one doesn't do the job, but I figured the zoom lens would be better for making videos because I am planning to start doing beauty videos on youtube, hopefully soon. But slowly, I am getting the hang of things and learning how to properly maximize what a 9mm lens could do. Not much to be honest, but having a camera that has 20.5 megapixel, and I was pretty happy and contented, for now.
What really sold me into buying this was the fact that you can actually tilt the screen, perfect for taking #selfies as well as doing vlogs.. 
as soon as you actually tilt the screen up, the camera would automatically open, which I thought was really awesome.
Here's how the screen looks like, it has a lot of great features like face detection, wink shot, smile shot, different smart modes etc. But my favorite of all-- the BABY MONITOR.

you can practically just leave this camera open inside your baby's room and download the Baby Monitor app, connect it to the camera (it has built-in wifi, btw) and just wait for the live screen on your phone to pop. And voila! you can watch your baby while doing the dishes or cooking in the kitchen.

Here are some of the unedited photos I've taken straight from my camera..
 Brian, trying the "wink" shot feature.

The Light trace feature

parties and indoors feature

Food shot feature

lastly, my favorite of all.. the beauty face feature. lol

So to wrap everything up, I love this camera.. just the perfect camera for blogging, in my opinion atleast. Just make sure to update the software as soon as you get this by using the CD-ROM software that it came with to tweak it a bit more and improve the quality of the camera. But overall, I've been enjoying this. I just wish the transferring of photos via its wifi would be a lot easier. But nonetheless, I couldn't care less.


  1. Such a cute camera dear! Just the way you explained I fell in love haha. I love the pink color I think that is the one I would go for as well. I hope you get the lens you want in the future :)


    1. Thank you.. I will try to buy the lens as well for sure. haha

  2. Such a great camera! I've been looking for a portable one and this looks perfect. I can't believe Lightroom comes with it too. Great post x
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

    1. Yes me too!! I love this camera esp after you have upgraded the system. x

  3. Ooooo great to hear about a new camera and this one is so pretty too!

    Krissie x -

  4. really pretty camera! your choice was good :)

  5. I am totally loving this camera. I wasn't planning on buying a new camera but this one looks amazing. I am a sucker for anything pink also....


  6. Congrats! Having a good camera makes a big difference.

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  7. So sorry for my strange comment! I thought I had my signature copied but I had a verse that I had shared with a friend and I hit enter before I realized it.
    Amy Ann
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  8. Cute camera :)

    I would love to see some photography posts :)

  9. What a beautiful camera! I love it! Congrats on getting it

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  10. it's so cute and i love how the screen flips, i want to get one like that eventually!

    danielle | avec danielle // giveaway

  11. That camera is so cute! I'd buy it just cause it was pink! lol

    - Mariah-Ruthel

  12. What a cute camera! I love the colour and the quality looks fantastic.

    Nicole xo |

  13. I love camera it´s so cute!

  14. where did you buy it?:)


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