YADAH Anti-T Facemask Review

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Yadah facemask
Hello guys, it's been a while since I did a post about facemasks. I thought I should blog about my YADAH  Anti-T facemask experience for that matter.. I've tried a few yadah products before like the Yadah Bubble Cleanser  which I ended up not liking, and their lip tint which I thought was good but lacks staying power. This however, really exceed my expectations. It's called the YADAH Anti-T Facemask (Php80.00) bought this a while back from the Beauty Bar and I just recently decided to try this one out whilst going thru my facemask collections looking for a mask that could help calm some new angry blemishes.

Yadah facemask
Really love the packaging of this.. 

"YADAH is born to protect the pure and clear skin.
YADAH protects your skin by producing hypoallergenic and low-chemical plant-derived skin care and makeup products. Our product base is the powerfully anti-inflammatory and highly moisturizing organic eastern prickly pear(opuntia humifusa), added with organic lemon and orange water, sage, rosemary and other natural ingredients to minimize the use of chemical.We produce premium natural products that keep even the sensitive skin healthy and safe from imitation. YADAH is the guardian of the pure, clear and healthy skin.We are dedicated to making the best quality products that are mild but highly effective to make your skin beautiful and healthy." via. thebeautybar
Yadah uses organic and hypo-allergenic skin friendly ingredients which best suited for oily and troubled skin, hence the name ANTI-T (trouble). 
Organic facemask
The cotton sheet: looks a bit weird for me, I haven't really tried this kind of yellow-ish paper, apparently this was actually an organic cotton sheet.
The scent: Despite of them claiming this is good for sensitive skin, the scent was kind of too strong and medicinal (?) for me. If I'm being too honest, I really don't appreciate the scent at all.
I tried this during my time of the month, when my skin was extra problematic and my pores are about a size of my fist. lol I really wanted to try if this could somehow make them smaller and atleast lessen the redness, and itchiness.

- Put the facemask in the fridge for a few minutes for cooling effect.
- Make sure to exfoliate the face first to get rid of the dead skin cells;
 so it won't block the way of the ingredients thru your face.
- Steam the face to open up the pores.
- Put a toner to adjust skin's PH level and prepare your skin for facemask.
Facemask Review
The mask fit: Surprisingly, the facemask was kind of okay, I like that the sheet was actually thin, and I didn't really have to adjust everything to fit my face..

except for the mouth part which was easily foldable.

I put on the mask for a good 10-15 mins, I like that it wasn't really sticky at all or dripping wet, and the scent somehow faded away whilst on my face so it didn't really bother me. I felt as if my face was really thirsty and easily absorbed all the essence in this facemask which I thought was good so I won't have to wait for a few more minutes like suggested. Lastly, I didn't really bother putting all my usual skincare routine whenever I put on a facemask, so I slept right away afterwards.
Facemask before and after
My face the next morning was a bit brighter and more supple.. and surprisingly, the angry blemishes somehow disappeared after a few days.. so all in all, I love this facemask and I would recommend trying this especially for those with acne prone skin. This may not work to some of you as we have different skin types, but this works wonders on my skin overnight; so I would recommend giving this a shot! 

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