Friday, August 7, 2015

Hey guys! finally here's the PART TWO of my Blog Sale 2015! This time, it's all about SKINCARE! I am way obsessed with skincare and trying new things.. So here are the few things that I feel like it's about time to part ways with because I am not using them anymore. Most of these products are really BRAND NEW and still sealed.

First off, this little collagen moistfull moisturizer from Etude House for only (Php50)

Another moisturizer, yup my favorite one!! Sad as it may seem but I won't be using this baby anymore because I bought a new moisturizer that I am currently really loving.. So this will be yours for only (Php500) orignal price is Php995. this one is atleast still 90% FULL if not more!!

ALOE facial wash, I have two of these! Both are sealed and brand new for only (Php100/each) 

LEBELAGE Green tea hand cream.. ridiculously good for the hands and yummy smelling for only (Php95).

Garnier pure active for pimples and redness, never been used!! (Php85) only.

3W Clinic eye cream sealed, with box, and brand new! I have four of these.. Selling for only (Php180) now. Original price Php250. EXPIRATION DATE: 2016/03/01

2-STEP Clarifying mask for only (Php120/each). I swear by this mask that's why I'm only selling two so grab them before it's too late!!

Dove hair fall rescue for only (Php300). Sealed and brand new!! Original price Php470.

The Konjac Sponge for normal to oily skin (Php380) only! Original price is Php599.50 at

3CE Fresh Aqua mist for a dewy korean skin! for only (Php250).

Eco pure eyecream organic and good for black baggy eyes, only (Php50)
My extra spare of my current eye cream from Rachel K. Selling this for only (Php450).

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  1. the garnier roll on looks great! Does it really work? How did part 1 sale go? :)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. All these products look so lovely!! :)

    Layla xx

  3. sis, just wondering if you still have these on sale? thanks! -xiaori

  4. sis, do you still have these products on sale? just wondering, thanks!


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