My First Sample Room Experience

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sample Room
Hey guys.. this would be my very first Sample Room experience. I was subscribed to them for over a year now but it was only recently that I decided to try their service to see what they could actually offer. For some who haven't heard of the Sample Room, well they are basically  like a beauty sampling site where you could actually try the products first before buying them hence the name "Try before you buy". They literally give FREE products except ofcourse you have to pay for the shipping fee which you could read about here.
Sample Room
Upon signing up you will be entitled for a 100 free points that you could use to buy the products from the site. Maximum of 3 products per shipping. and I opted for these 3 things..

The PANTENE 3-minute miracle conditioner (50 points) - I love this conditioner, this was sent to me before to review (read here) and so I thought why not get another one.

Vitress Instant Relax Cuticle Coat (25 points) - I have re-purchased this over and over before and I looove it! This smoothens my hair and making it easier for me to straighten it.

Lastly this new Palmolive Flawless Clean with Charcoal Powder (15 points) - probably the only product that I could say is definitely the "Try it before you buy" because I have't tried this yet and I'm glad I did because this smells heavenly! It has tid bits of black charcoal (I'm guessing) but it really made my skin extra clean without leaving even a single bit of dryness on my skin.

So I used a total of 90 points and honestly, I'm thinking of purchasing the VIP membership for Php799 (1000 points) because I would want to sample other stuff from them especially the OLAY CC Cream and the Burt's Bees products! So anyhoo, if you want free stuff might as well join the club and send me your email so I could send you an invite. x

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  1. this service sounds so clever! I love the idea behind it and you can never get enough samples :D

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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