Piso Noodle at Super Bowl of China

Friday, September 4, 2015

Super Bowl of China
I know that this restaurant has been around for quite sometime now, but it was only recently that I tried to actually dine in there and get to taste their food for the first time. You might be thinking, food post again, uhm yes because my life basically revolves around food. and I'm hungry...so.. haha
Ofcourse, the rice would have to be the Yang chow fried rice (Php260). Awesome rice! good for 3-4 persons.
BBQ Pork Asado (Php290) - boyfie loves it but I am not the typical pork person so this was okay.
Super Bowl of China
Sliced Beef with Pepper Sauce (Php300) really gorgeously cooked beef with too much pepper. But in a good way. I love this one.
Super Bowl of China
Super Bowl Lemon Chicken (Php270) I didn't enjoy this one as much as I would love to. The lemon sauce was a bit too sweet and the chicken was drown in too much flour and less of chicken. But nonetheless, this was an okay dish and they seemed to love it so it was probably just me. lol
Lastly, the star of the night.. their PISO NOODLE PROMO! At first, we didn't even know that they have this promo, the server just told us that if we reached atleast Php500 bill in total we can be entitled for their Piso Promo, and I was like.. hmm okay, we ordered more than Php500 right? he said yes.. so yay!!
Super bowl of china piso promo
This wanton was originally Php260 I believe but we got this for only ONE PESO!! YAY!
and then we ate happily ever after! x

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