Halal Guys PH (First impression review/experience)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hello guys!! I'm sure you have heard already that Halal guys opens its new and first branch in the Philippines located at SM Megamall's Megafood hall. They opened last October 13,2015 and I was only able to visit them after 3 days. And boy I thought the crowd would be a wee bit tame down but I guess not.

We started in line at around 7:30pm, we were a bit hesitant at first because duh, can you see the line? they told us that the line was a bit long but still fast moving. Atleast that's what we were told.

 So whilst waiting in line, I just amused myself with how they set up the whole place, trying to mimic the Halal Guys in New York street. Goojab!
Love how they put up this Halal guys cart, such a nice concept to market the halal even more.

So while waiting in line, we checked out their MENU.
 I knew it was gunna be expensive, but I was a bit surprised that it was not how I have imagined it to be.. because the one in New York would cost you about $6 or $7 so if you try to compute that-- 7 x 46 (dollar rate) = Php322 in total. I was expecting the price here to be around Php400+ atleast for a regular one. But I guess, they have priced it reasonably especially the sandwiches they offer! super affordable.
 So finally, after having kids, and growing my mustache and beard, we finally managed to make an order. Literally after 2 hours and 30 minutes of waiting in line! GAAAH. The fewer the people, the more the line gets slower!
 We were so disappointed to know that they have ran out of Gyro so we had no choice but to order for a chicken and falafel. We want to get mad at them for not telling us immediately or for not (atleast) anticipating the volume of people. But because it was around 10pm we had no more energy to get mad. But still we just gave them the benefit of the doubt that they would probably improve since they are still on the soft opening stage. But dude, literally I had to ask why my meal doesn't have any pita.. they totally forgot to put some on my plate. ha! So anyways, I ordered for a regular Chicken and Falafel (Php339)
Halal Guys Ph review
The serving was big, good for 2, but since I came with my boyfriend I ordered for a solo small Chicken Sandwich (Php199)  to share with him too.
Halal Guys PH
The sandwich was huge too, super sulit! At first, I thought the sauce was flavorful but after while it was becoming too bland for me. But the chicken was really really good. Same with the chicken and falafel, but that's probably because we didn't  put any sauce or their famous hot sauce.. but nonetheless, it didn't impress me as much as I thought it would.. especially the falafel, oh gosh, we didn't even finish it.

Chicken and Gyro
Then as for my friend Grace, well she ordered for a small Solo Chicken (Php239). The serving was kind of big too because she was full and yet she didn't even finish the whole thing. We both agreed that it wasn't so appealing, the food was not bad at all but we were not impressed as well. But anyhoo, I still believe that the Gyro and Chicken would be way more delish and addicting! I can't wait to go back and try other stuff. x

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