Friday, October 9, 2015

September 2015 Favorites
This post was long overdue again because of my domain issue, but nonetheless I still want to post this
and share with you guys what I've been currently loving. And I am proud to say that these are all new product discoveries.
Essence eyeliner review
Bought a new eyeliner, and I was so amazed by how affordable and amazing this 2 in 1 Essence 
eyeliner (Php250) it has 2 uses, thick and thin. I love that this actually has a matte finish to it and not 
glossy. Essence Lip Liner Soft Berry (Php99) again, another awesome product from Essence. 
Very Kylie Jenner like kind of mauve.
I've been using this for the past whole month almost everyday and I get a lot of compliments. Who would have ever thought this beauty was actually dirt cheap!

Celeteque Wipes Review
Hydro Gel Eye Patch from Body Treats (Php189), I bought this from watsons and it comes in 3 pieces, I love that this one can actually make my under eye super hydrated and supple.
Celeteque Makeup remover wipes (Php160), I tried this one for the first time and I kinda feel like this can sting my face a bit more but I love that this doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky or whatnot.

The famous egg brush that can clean your brushes. I saw many online shops who sells this for Php150-300 and I was so glad to actually see this at SAIZEN store for only Php88! woohoo! I love how this can make my life so much easier from cleaning my brushes.

Facemask storage
 Another item that I got from Saizen store, I built this on my own and used as a storage for my facemasks and stationery supplies.
Really holds a lot of my stuff and keep my room clean! So these are all the stuff I've been loving for the past month.Will definitely share more this end of October. x

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