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Monday, December 28, 2015

Last November 19, 2015 I placed an order to the DB Cosmetics site. I was so excited to see that they ship worldwide for just AUD $10! I've been seeing their products on Instagram most especially the Pro Contour Palette that many bloggers claim that it was apparently a great dupe for the KatvonD contour palette. I wanted to find it out myself (not that I have tried the KatvonD-- I would just love to try their contour palette because of the raves) so I immediately placed an order before it runs out. On the site it says that International Shipping may take 10-15days, I was worried because they didn't provide me with a tracking number it just says on the site whether your package was still on process, shipped or complete.. but to find out where the hell exactly is your package, you just gotta have to check it with your postal office from time to time. I visited mine yesterday December 4, 2015.
Exactly 15 days after I ordered it online. At first, the man from the postal office was having a hard time looking for my package but luckily he tried looking at the "No Tracking Number Package" and saw that mine was there and it just came yesterday Dec 3, 2015. See, that is probably something you should be mindful about if you are from the Philippines and planning to buy from their site. So ofcourse, I paid Php100 to get my package. But to make the long story short.. It was ALL worth it! I decided to make a haul and a first impression kind of blog just to give you guys an idea about these products. So let's jump into it..
They currently have a promo whereas if you buy atleast 3 stuff, they will give you freebies. So I got these miniature ones and a pouch (worth AUD$30).
I got a primer, mascara, and a bronzer. I can't wait to try the primer and the mascara!
I also bought an eyeliner pen (AUD$7.99) because the one I have has dried out so I wanted to try this.. And mind you, this one's promising.
As you can see from the photo I tried to smudge it but it was still there.. And though it kinda bleeds on me, I think this would be really good and easy to work with.
Another most raved about products from their brand was this 24Hour Foundation (AUD$12.99) super affordable! And says to be a great dupe for Estee Lauder's double wear foundation.
It comes in a pump bottle which is always good and hygenic to use. I also love that it's glass so that makes the whole packaging very classy.
I went for the palest one ofcourse, the classic Ivory.
First impression, the consistency was really light and watery. You would think just because it's a long wearing foundation that it should be thick and heavy but it's not. I find that it was really easy to blend and super lightweight.
It gives a tiny bit of healthy glow finish that doesn't look cakey. I wanted to try this on my face but I am hella sick right now. So as soon as I am back and running I would give these products a go and make an in-depth review about them.

But ofcourse the one thing that started it all, and why I decided to shop from DB Cosmetics was this PRO CONTOUR palette (AUD$17.99)
Very sleek packaging and huge.
It comes with a 3 highlighting powders and 3 contour powders.
The 2nd contour shade that I got was swatched before it was delivered to me. Which sucks! I wanted to complain about it but whatever..
The powders were super buttery. I couldn't wait to feel them so here are my swatches for you. 
They are quite pigmented and finely milled. I can't wait to use the banana powder to set the conclear under my eyes! 
I loove love all of these items and really impressed. The best thing about it was I paid only AUD$48.97 (inclusive of the shipping fee). I haven't checked my card yet so I can't tell how much I was charged in Peso but I'm guessing it should probably be Php1,600+ which I think is super cheap and worth it.

So yeah.. I hope you like this really simple small haul and first impression. I will definitely blog about them soon and probably make a one brand tutorial kind of thing. Who knows, I might even start filming videos soon on youtube! So stay tuned guys. x

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