Menow Kissproof Review and Swatches

Saturday, January 23, 2016

As promised I will be posting my review regarding this super popular Kissproof Lipstick from Menow. This has been getting a lot of raves in every social media for the past few weeks and I thought I'd share what I thought about them without sugarcoating. 

First of all, this was dirt cheap. I got mine for only Php90/each, it was supposed to be Php140 but since the seller was having a promo (Buy 6 for only Php90/each) I ordered with my officemates and got myself two shades.
I opted for nude #08 and a dark shade #12. I was never a fan of super affordable lippie as I was afraid it was either fake or has way too many LED. But apparently this brand just offers super affordable products without breaking the bank.
It came with a decent packaging, long standard lip crayon thingymajigs and could get a lot of uses.
The problem though... you can't even twist it nor sharpen (atleast that's what I think because it's a plastic tube).
So taadaahh! There goes our Php90.

The shades are perfect though. I love it! The packaging says it's a powdery matte.. True but it was also very waxy and more of chalky.
The #08-- very nude and wearable. Could probably pass as a dupe for MAC Velvet Teddy, only this was a bit paler.
Very Kylie Jenner kind of nude color. I'm inlove with it!
The #12-- kind of purple-y color. I didn't expect this one to be super dark but it kinda is.
I get a lot compliments with this shade and I personally think it's gorgeous.

The application: 

Just to warn y'all, at first application you may notice that the lipstick can get super sticky..
Like this sticky,. Literally like a glue. But after a few seconds it will start to settle into a powdery finish and all matte.

The lasting power a.k.a kissproof:
Tried swatching it on my hands just to try and wipe it off. The first two photos I was trying to erase it with just a tissue paper and amazingly, it won't take off no matter how hard I tried wiping it. The 3rd one I tried spritzing some alcohol but see how waterproof or wet proof it is? After so many painful (literally) attempts.. I failed.

So yeah, I guess you can really kiss your bae, drink water, and eat without having to retouch. Although ofcourse, if you eat way too many oily food (spaghetti, etc) the lipstick can be smudge off and you may have to re-apply it all over again. Yes! All over again because unlike any other lippies, this can't be retouched or it would look so uneven that you wish you could have listened to me. 

Pros and Cons + tips:
- Pros/Cons/Tips, Yes the lippies were a bit drying, if you have cracked lips this would look so unflattering so make sure to exfoliate and moisturized your lips before applying.
- Cons, the scrent was plasticy but nothing to pungent and noticeable.
- Cons again, the packaging suck! You can even twist the mutherfucker for the lippies to come out. I may have to try sharpening it just to try if this could work. If not, I'm gunna have to buy again.
- Pros, super affordable I could buy them all. Although, cons, it has an expiry date. So really, I may have to buy again.
- Pros, super long lasting. Can pretty much overcome any hurricane.
- Cons or Pros, can only be taken off using makeup removers.
- Pros, comes in so many amazing shades that could be a dupe to a lot of Mac lippies.

All in all, I would still recommend this because the shades were super perfect.  Plus very affordable! If you have tried other shades that you think are the please do lemme know, I would love to try other shades. x

Apparently yes, you can sharpen it.


  1. hi love your review! Getting myself one of this <3 the #12 is so FAB! anyway curious tho' what camera did you use to take this lovely photos? THANKS more reviews and stay pretty :x

  2. Love the shades on you. ❤ Could you please share where you got yours though? Would love to get a couple of these. 😊

  3. I love the colors,they are really matte and it really defined the lips. Love the photos..^^ Where did you buy it? ^^

  4. hello! you can sharpen them. hehehe. they also sell sharpeners specially designed for the lippies ❤️

  5. Sis what is your camera here? SO pretty <# nice review btw.


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