Seaweed Skincare Line from The Body Shop (Review)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Oh hey! Long time no post! I know.. Well it's 2016 I might as well make a new post after a long while of hiatus.. So anyways, today I just wanted to review this seaweed skincare line from the body shop that I just recently devoured and finished. Since I have a combination to oily skin I decided to give this a go. I've been hearing a lot of good stuff about this line from the body shop so when this travel size set went on sale last christmas, I purchased this immediately.

It came in a blue pouch, neatly packed.

They claim that Seaweed could actually help restore balance and control excess oil.
The first one ofcourse is the facial wash..
The facial wash has a gel consistency, it doesn't foam up as much which I appreciate because it reminded me so much of the Avene cleanance gel that I used to have. It has a bit cooling sensation that really helps relax my senses after a long day at work. It wasn't drying on the face and has a good scent.

The next would be the toner. This would probably have to be my favorite of all just because it helps clean my face and get rid of the dirt and gunk on my pores that the facial wash or makeup wipes couldn't remove. It has a relaxing scent as well and can smoothen up my face and prep it for the moisturizer.

The clarifying night treatment has a gel yet a little thicker kind of consistency. It has a very light texture for a treatment and really good for those with oily skin. I also really appreciate that it comes in pump bottle so it's very hygienic to use. I just use two to three pump of this and I'm good to go.
Lastly, the mattifying day cream. I have a love-hate relationship with this one. I love that it was mattifying and doesn't interfere weirdly on my makeup everyday.. but I feel like after I finished this up, my face produces a bit more oil than usual. And because it was so small, this finished up so quickly on me. But all in all, the consistency was just perfect.. All of these products didn't break me out nor caused any irritations. I feel like this would be really good for combination skin like myself because of its texture and consistency. It was not heavy at all so the skin wouldn't feel as burden or whatnot. I guess, this line was just okay for me.. Nothing too life changing. I would still prefer the Tea Tree line 10x more because it can help get rid of pimples. But nonetheless, I love the facial wash and the toner so I guess it was worth a try.
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