BIORE Cleansing Wipes Review

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bioré review

Every makeup obsessed junkie like me, or girls in general--are pretty much "meticulous" when it comes to their favorite makeup remover wipes. It is darn crucial for us. As much as we love putting on some makeup, we surely wanna get rid of them at the end of the day. Emiright?

Me, in particular, has my own favorite set of trusty 'ole brands, and one of them is--Bioré.
I have been using this brand for a while now, and actually blogged about it before here

What I love about this, more than its girly packaging--is the whole formulation itself. This gem will always be my "go-to lazy girl" makeup removing wipes. It's really cheap (Php100), great for travelling, and can remove any sort of stubborn makeup; yes even waterproof mascara, poof! all gone.
This contains 10 wipes. Trust me, 1 wipe is more than enough.

Let's put this to test, shall we?

I don't normally use a lot of makeup on a daily basis, just CC cream, lipstick, brows, blusher,etc--the normal stuff. But I was wearing a waterproof mascara here, so I figured I might as well do the test.Bioré makeup removing wipes
Whenever I remove my makeup using wipes or cotton pads, I make it a point to gently rest it on my eye for a few secs, and avoid dragging/swirling it all around since our eye area is the most sensitive and prone to fine lines.

The wipe itself, is very thick and sturdy, yet gentle and very soft to the skin. As you can see, it also contains a lot of essence--fairly enough to remove all your makeup.

TADAAHHH!! all gone! although you can probably tell from my red-ish left eye that it did kinda sting. Yup so make sure to avoid getting it inside your eyeballs as much as possible. lol

So overall, I love this Biore wipes and will definitely keep repurchasing this.

What's your favorite wipes? x

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