LIFE UPDATE: Youtube channel, New Laptop, and revamped blog!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hello my beautiful readers.. as some of you may have probably noticed, I revamped my blog a bit, still very much simple looking and neat; but just for a change, I decided to get rid of my old template and purchased a new one from ETSY (my only go-to shop for templates).

 But anyways, this post is mainly about my current life updates, hence the title. So first, just wanted to say that I will be blogging full time again, not literally, but more often than before. My hiatus mode is finally over, 'cause I got myself a new laptop. Yay!
I bought an HP Pavillion x360 in Gold, and went as thin and light as I can.
Image result for hp pavilion x360 gold

Originally, I wanted to buy a Macbook in rose gold but I figured I might as well buy me a cheaper one muna 'cause I'm getting mine next year anyways. 

And besides, this laptop is pretty much super sturdy and the over all gold color is to die for! The first time I saw it I was kind of hesitant, it was a bit out of budget for my so called "pang-blog lang na laptop" but the moment I requested for a new one and saw it coming out of the box, I was completely sold. The gold detailing is so me, and the laptop itself is super light. I'm gunna try to review this laptop soon, once I get the hang of it. But so far, I really like it.

FUN FACT: Didn't know it was a convertible laptop until I was already home and exploring it. lol 

But anyhow, to a more exciting news-- I finally created a youtube channel here. After years of trying to convince myself, and people asking me to create one, I finally jumped into the bandwagon. 

I named it under my name "TRINA KAYE" ofcourse, and though my channel is still a work in progress I managed to upload my very first youtube video.
Please bear with me, I filmed this video last year-- in hopes that I could start my own beauty channel at that time but it didn't happen, so I kept the video and decided to upload it just now. 

So while things are still under construction, I hope you guys could support my channel and subscribe if you like to see more makeup videos and vlogs. I'm so excited for the vlogs since I have booked a trip overseas with my friends this coming Nov-Dec 2016 and I would love to share the experience with you guys. To my readers who are still with me and never leaving this blog despite my lack of updates, thank you so much! I promise to get back into the blogging game and stay tuned for upcoming makeup reviews this week! x

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