REVIEW: Affordable Mascara from Essence Cosmetics (Php100 only)

Saturday, October 29, 2016

We all have our own favorites when it comes to Mascara. Some people are so keen on trying makeup brands that gets a lot of fuss, jumping on the bandwagon even if it would cost them an arm and a leg; and while I somehow admittedly-- find myself in that situation once in awhile, I still can't help but look for a cheaper alternative. And when I say cheap, I meant affordable but amazing!
ofcourse, the Essence Cosmetics-- without a doubt, has topped my list.

I saw these two during the [frequent] sale of SM Beauty department store. I got them for only Php100 each!!! how dirt-cheap was that? so I immediately bought them and boy was it any good..

I LOVE EXTREME MASCARA - claims to be super intense in volume.

The wand is really big, with densely packed bristles for extra thickness, hence the name.

THE LASH CURLER - obviously.this mascara claims to curl your lashes and add volume.

Look how cool this handle though.. If I were to choose between the two, I would probably go with this one. Infact, I have used this a lot already that I needed to get a new one.
The wand is obviously a lot smaller, with evenly spaced bristles that are more ideal to use as the equal amount of spaces could really help get into the lashes--hence curling it.

the best mascara
What I like to do is use them both. I sadly am not very blessed with long lashes. That's why I love using fake lashes if I want to look extra put together. lol Anyways. first thing I wanna do is use the curler just to separate my lashes evenly and curl it at the same time.. 
it is important that the lashes are evenly spaced since the volume mascara tends to be a bit spidery and clumpy if not very careful.  In saying that, I would then use the volume mascara to add thickness to it. I don't go overboard with it, a little too much already.

best affordable mascara
So all in all, I would definitely recommend trying these mascaras, the fact that they are very affordable yet effective is already a win win for me! x

What's your best affordable mascara yet? 

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