Life lately (Before 2016 ends)

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Before the 2016 ends, I just wanted to update you guys about my life lately. I know I've been such a crappy blogger (as always), and as much as I wanted to blog more frequently, hence, I got myself a new laptop for my blog.. life and work always gets in the way. Not complaining tho because I still love my life and the people in it. 2016 was definitely a bit of whatever but I always find happiness in the mundane and really strive myself to appreciate life as it is, and swallowing being an adult.

Basically my life.. no matter how crazy things could get, or how hard and challenging life may be, I wouoldn't trade this for anything else 'cause I love the people in it...

Speaking though, my relationship with King has been a bit of a struggle, and honestly we argue most of the time because we haven't been apart for this long (1 year and couting). He can't visit me until next year so we are both crazy missing each other. We are planning to meet in Bali though, if he can't really squeeze in a week-long holiday here in MNL because of his school and work. Plus he just bought a new car in Sydney, a BMW, he's super worried about leaving it (lol, more than not seeing me) but just to be fair, he only bought it for us, *fingers-crossed I'm gunna be re-locating there as well, soon.

But in the meantime, my 2 crazy travel buddies Cha and Lois plus my nephew Luca and a bit of travelling lately are the things that keeps me sane thesedays. Oh btw, I also managed to cut my own fringe for a fresh new look this 2017. hihi

Hmmm, what else? I guess you guys should expect more videos and blogs from me soon. This 2017, I promise to really focus on my Youtube Channel. I've always wanted to do this eversince and I hope I'd have enough time to finally make this project my number 1 priority for 2017. Wish me luck!! x


Tita Con'z Freshly Baked Banana Cakes

Happy holidaaze guys!! I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas with family and loved ones. :)

I know I have been MIA for quite sometime now-- again, and again, life has been a bit crazy lately. But anyways, in this post I just wanted to share with you this super yummy, affordable, and home made banana cakes that you could share and enjoy with your family this holiday season.

I was lucky enough to try these because a friend of mine actually owns this business and I kid you not, these are one of the best (if not "THE BEST") banana cakes that I have ever tried in my entire life! Srsly, banana cakes are like my comfort food eversince.
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